Sink plug gag

BL433 | Posted by Gina on 28 February 2015

I saw these gags on the internet, and I have been searching for them a long time! Now I finally found them at! They have this one and even a harness gag version of this sink plug gag! It is a very large round tube that goes into your mouth with a lot of leather wrapped around your head! The large tube will make you drool like crazy! But here’s the clever part: if you want to stop the drooling, just use the sink plug to plug your mouth shut!! It is brilliant!

Leg irons and Irish 8

BL432 | Posted by Gina on 21 February 2015

Oooh I wish it was summer! Playing with my bondage gear indoors is nice, but I love being outdoors in bondage more! To remind you of the summer, here is a nice little shoot in a flowery dress, maybe it will cheer you up in this cold weather! I am locked in Irish 8 handcuffs and leg irons! I love Irish 8, they are so hard to escape from!! But I am getting better!! :D x

Outdoors prison

BL431 | Posted by Gina on 14 February 2015

When I saw this outdoors prison in a photographer’s backyard, I really wanted to be locked in it for an afternoon! There were 3 guys there who were interested in taking pictures, and of course, they wanted me in my little rigid fiddle as well! So there I was, locked in a prison, it was cold and I was fiddled! These people just kept taking pictures like I was some wild animal! The crazy stuff I do!! It was nice to be in the prison though… I just they would have left me alone!

Shower in chastity belt

BL430 | Posted by Gina on 07 February 2015

Probably the number 1 frequently asked question! How do you clean yourself when you are wearing a chastity belt? Well, you just take lots of showers! Lots! Usually I shower only once a day, when I am in the belt I shower 3 or 4 times a day! I think I have done this before, but here is another update of me showering in my chastity belt! Yes, I am topless, I know it is rare, I don’t want to do nudity on my site, but I’m showering!! So this is for the members only ;)

Trashbag bondage

BL429 | Posted by Gina on 31 January 2015

A popular request! I tried it already once before, remember this one? I could get out pretty easily, so it is time to try it again, this time with better tape, more bags, and more tape wraps! First, my arms get trash bagged and taped, with my wrists taped together, creating a trash bag armbinder! Then it is extended to form a dress, and finally I have to lie down as my feet are wrapped as well! Will I be able to escape this time? I don’t think so!

A very long afternoon in cuffs

BL428 | Posted by Gina on 24 January 2015

I have this chair which is perfect for cuffing. It just needs two pairs of handcuffs and two pairs of leg irons and I can sit there for as long as I like. Or for as long as someone else likes… if I am not holding the key. This time, the key was in my lap, so I thought it would be a short session, but I dropped it after only a few seconds!! There was no way for me to reach the key, I could grab it with my toes, but I could not get my toes to my hands!! I knew I was in for a loooooong afternoon in cuffs…

Harness ring gagged again!!

BL427 | Posted by Gina on 17 January 2015

Finally!! I hadn’t been harness ring gagged for over a year! Really! It was just gathering dust, no requests for it, and I kind of forgot about this great gag! Is is such a nice feeling to wear a harness gag! And a ring gag… well I don’t have to tell you: it makes you drool! It is a harness drool gag! Isn’t that the best?! I was once known for wearing harness gags all the time! I want to start wearing them more often again! Oh, and I’m tightly cuffed with hinged cuffs on elbows and wrists. But that’s nothing new :)

Hogcuffed and bit gagged

BL426 | Posted by Gina on 10 January 2015

Here is a member request! I’m hogcuffed in hinged cuffs and leg irons… but that was not the request! The request was me dressed in tight black leggings and black boots! I’m also bit gagged, which is not really my favorite gag, but it is fun to do something different once in a while! I like struggling and rolling around helplessly! If you are a member, don’t forget to send in your requests!! If you are not a member, shame on you, go here immediately!! :D

Taped fingers

BL425 | Posted by Gina on 03 January 2015

Here is a new form of bondage I recently discovered!! Taped fingers! Just use electrical tape to tape all of your fingers together and it get’s a LOT harder to use a key. Or pick up a key even. Not that I ever have escaped from these Irish 8s, but you can never be sure!! Will the tape be strong enough? Or will I be able to free my poor little fingers?

Blindfolded and gagged in a straitjacket

BL424 | Posted by Gina on 27 December 2014

I don’t do many blindfold updates, even if they are requested quite a lot! I am truly terrified of blindfolds, I don’t know why! I think it is the last piece of control I have if I am restrained and gagged. With my eyes I can still see what is going to happen. If someone takes that away from me, I get really really scared. I can’t move, can’t talk, and can’t see!!! This is an important update for me, I hope you will appreciate it!!

Christmas wall decoration!

BL423 | Posted by Gina on 20 December 2014

Yaaaaaaaaay a special update for Christmas!! Because I love you all so much, my dear fans! This year I thought it would be great if I was the Xmas tree!! So I dressed myself up in festive lingerie, shackled my boots to the wall, and got locked into a RigidStock! The RigidStock is also chained to the wall, and I am decorated with jingle bells in strategic places! A red and white gag really completes this Xmas tree pose! Would you like to have me as your bondage wall decoration during the holidays?? Merry Christmas everyone! I love you!

Daily life – gag and armbinder

BL422 | Posted by Gina on 13 December 2014

You know I have set myself a rule that I can not watch tv (or use the computer) when I am not restrained and gagged. I have done so for over 8 years, so I am used to it. Even some of my friends know! Usually I am in a pair of handcuffs and ballgag when I am watching tv, because that is the only thing I can do to myself. But occassionally I have some help so I get to wear more restrictive gear on my couch! Yay!! Today I am in a tight latex armbinder and tight ballgag! This is so much fun!

Hogcuffed prisoner

BL421 | Posted by Gina on 06 December 2014

Funny! This prisoner outfit is a bit too big, so I really have to wear a belt with it! Fortunately, I have the perfect belt for a prison jumpsuit! I was happily cuffed and shackled, when I suddenly realised: what if I put the handcuffs on the back of the belt!! That was even more restrictive! And then… of course… It all went on from there! A hogcuff was unavoidable! Oh well, I should have seen it coming…

Locked in chains and boots

BL420 | Posted by Gina on 29 November 2014

A black and white update! As requested, I am wearing these awesome white boots that a fan sent me! They are great for partying! But they are even better with some leg irons! I am also locked in a tight waist chain with double handcuffs on each side, and collared, and gagged with a white ballgag. No way I can take out the gag, because my hands are so tightly cuffed to my waist. Then the excess chain on the back is attached to the leg irons, so I can not stand up anymore! Great!!!

Stuck to the radiator

BL419 | Posted by Gina on 22 November 2014

So why does everyone want to see me chained by my neck all of a sudden? :D Do you think I’m a doggie? I need training? I don’t need training! I am fully gag trained (jaw), chastity trained (wore a belt from 2008 to 2010), and collared (admittedly not by anyone, just by myself). I can sleep in handcuffs or any other restraints, I can be gagged for longer than anyone I know, and I have been in a straitjacket for almost a day! Why does everyone think I need more training! Are you just being mean?

Opera gloves

BL418 | Posted by Gina on 15 November 2014

Long black gloves are awesome if you want to go out to a fancy club or restaurant! I have a new pair now, they are super soft and very long! I love to wear them with leather cuffs, because that looks so great! I am cuffed behind my back and there is a large latex ballgag in my mouth, but you will have to come up with something better than this, because I can always escape! I can reach my mouth even with my hands cuffed behind my back, so this gag is not going to stay in for long!! Wahahahhaa!!

Clothes washing time

BL417 | Posted by Gina on 08 November 2014

For years, I have made household chores more interesting by doing them in restraints (and gags). Doing laundry is one of the worst tasks, so I love doing that in as many restraints as possible. I am tightly waist chained and cuffed with leather padlocked cuffs. I’m also leg ironed and tightly gagged of course. My attic is a bit of a mess, so it is taking me a lot of time to sort my laundry and to get it in and out of the machines. Oh well, I hope I will make someone a perfect housewife someday…


BL416 | Posted by Gina on 01 November 2014

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to wear handcuffs and leg irons to a sauna!? Well, it would, but I forgot to take off my bath robe, and it’s impossible to remove it now. This sauna is steaming hot, and my collar and cuffs are getting terribly sweaty. Still, I love a good sauna, it makes me relax and I finally have some time to check my phone and read some magazines! Have you ever worn any restraints to a sauna?

Ball gagged nurse in Rigid fiddle

BL415 | Posted by Gina on 25 October 2014

Ok this may seem silly, but I have received a new strap for my trusty red ball gag. It is a white strap! I can change the strap and the gag can now be red and white, so I started to call it my ‘nurse gag’. I wanted to show you this new gag, but for some reason it ended up being a full dress-up shoot with a latex nurse uniform, knee-high white boots, and a rigidfiddle. Maybe I overdo things sometimes! :) But I guess it looks pretty good, and you can see why the gag is called the ‘nurse gag’!!! Hahahhaha lol :D

Windy walk

BL414 | Posted by Gina on 18 October 2014

Autumn has come, so it is getting colder! And definitely more windy! Wow, I was out on one of my regular bondage walks, and it was really storming! Good thing I was secured haha :) I think it is going to be one of my last bondage walks this year (unless there is snow, I love snow bondage walks!). I was secured in leg irons over low boots (as requested by a fan) and locked in Irish 8 handcuffs. I tried them in front and behind the back, and I think I like them behind the back more if I’m taking a walk (wrists crossed). It is more relaxed! I hope you are enjoying your bondage walks too, I know many of you do!!