Straitjacketed with Kerry 👯👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

BL816 | Posted by Roxy on 28 January 2023

Me and my lovely friend Kerry from Scotland did a shoot for recently, it was so much fun! We were restrained in the padded cell, in identical straitjackets, only hers was green and mine was white. A chain kept us together, and it prevented us from helping each other to escape. We didn’t mind, we just cuddled up, and it was very cozy! If you like straitjackets, go visit, it’s a great website!

Winter hogtie 🪢☃️

BL815 | Posted by Roxy on 21 January 2023

The weather is horrible outside! I am in my warm sweater all the time, and I am not taking it off for the next two months at least whahaha! Well, Sir didn’t mind, he just tied me up like this, in my winter clothes! It’s very snug! Although getting my harness gag tied to my ankles is always kind of hard. The problem is, this position is quite a workout, and then I get sweaty and well…. that’s not ideal in warm clothes! Oh well, it was quite nice to be hogtied again, and I didn’t have as many rope marks as usual 🤣

Gagged Elf 🧝‍♀️➖🔴➖

BL814 | Posted by Roxy on 14 January 2023

Haha I found these Elf ears, they are so cute! What do you think? Do they suit me? I think Elf ears look cool with my collar! And a huge 2 inch ballgag of course. Because a drooling Elf is hot! Who’s into fantasy and cosplay? Please comment below if you are and what you like! I need some inspiration!

Nipple clamps and tongue port gag 🗜️🤐

BL813 | Posted by Roxy on 07 January 2023

The tongue port gag is the worst gag in the world. It has a tongue suppressor that goes deep inside your mouth, holding your tongue down. This WILL cause massive drooling and you can’t stop it. You have never seen drooling like this! Well, maybe when I used this gag last time wahhaha 🙂 I was told to nipple clamp myself, and if I stayed like that long enough, I was allowed to remove the gag and clamps! Brutal!