Upside down challenge ⛓️🆙

BL798 | Posted by Roxy on 24 September 2022

Whooohoo I got these anti-gravity boots!! Will I be able to suspend myself upside down? This was very scary! Do not try this at home! Or maybe you should, what do I care 😂

The neck cuff challenge 🤪🤚🔐

BL797 | Posted by Roxy on 17 September 2022

Have you seen this before? This is the neck cuff challenge! It is very simple: you cuff your hands behind your back attached to a neck cuff. At first it seems easy. You just hold up your arms so you don’t pull on the neck cuff. But after a while, your arms will get tired. By then, it is too late to try and escape, even if you have the key. It quickly becomes very extreme, even if it doesn’t look that hard! Do not try this at home! Just watch my video and feel sorry for me 🙂

DIY bondage – floor cuffs 🛠️🔩

BL796 | Posted by Roxy on 10 September 2022

Sir told me to install these floor cuffs myself! Well, as you probably know, I am very bad at drilling, screwing, and anything DIY, so that was quite a challenge! I guess it is safe to say I would rather be in bondage devices than to install them. This was a lot of work! Good thing I got to lay down for a few hours after this job!

Medical muzzle and straitjacket 😷🛏️

BL795 | Posted by Roxy on 03 September 2022

Ooh I love struggling in a straitjacket! But with this medical muzzle strapped on, it is even more intense! I really can not escape this, and it is very exhausting, but I love it so much. Even in the summer, I ask Sir for a good straitjacket struggle once in a while. It just feels so comfy, like a big hug!