Posture collar and armbag

BL463 | Posted by Gina on 26 September 2015

Oooooh I got this new posture collar!! So I wanted to try it straight away! It’s very different, it has an actual chin rest! Which is great! I can not move my head at all, but at least my face can rest! I am also strapped in one of those armbag armbinders, they are very comfortable as well! You might say this is a very comfortable update!! Hmm, well, I have to be honest, the posture collar is a little big for me, so if anyone wants to buy it just contact me!

Dental spreader!

BL462 | Posted by Gina on 19 September 2015

After so many updates, I always think it will be hard to come up with something new. But it isn’t! Fans send me the craziest stuff all the time! This week’s mysterious parcel contained a dental spreader plastic thingie! Wow this is a super effective gag! I couldn’t even talk! And the drool amount is massive! Massive!!!! It is crazy, I really need to train myself with this thing, because I love the extreme look and the helplessness! I hope you like it too!!

RigidFiddle prison day

BL461 | Posted by Gina on 12 September 2015

A real prison holding cell! I just had to email the people from to try it! I brought my own orange jumpsuit, RigidFiddle and ballgag! And they were a bit surprised, they thought I wanted to be handcuffed! But no!! A RigidFiddle is better to prevent me from removing the ballgag and I really wanted to be gagged the whole time! Which was about 6 hours. I know, it was a little short, but that was all the time we had 🙁 I really need to find a guy with a prison in his basement!

Strappado on the stairs

BL460 | Posted by Gina on 05 September 2015

A new strappado opportunity!! I think one of the first strappados I did was tied to some stairs in my old house (bonus points if you can find the update on this site). Now, whenever I see stairs, I think about how it would be to have my arms raised high behind my back again! This time, my ankle cuffs are wrapped around the stairs so I can’t cheat and go up the stairs! It is really hard, but I love hard positions!!