Pet play with Roxanne

BL520 | Posted by Gina on 29 October 2016

I have always wanted to experience pet play! Roxanne seemed to be up for it, so I was very happy! A very happy puppy! I can lots of tricks you see. I can roll over, play dead, and even fetch things. Well I don’t think Roxanne is a very strict or good trainer, and I would prefer to find a good Master, but then again, I have been looking for a Master for over 10 years now. Maybe it is better to play with Roxanne once in a while!

The best way to do the dishes

BL519 | Posted by Gina on 22 October 2016

Everyone knows I try to make my life more interesting with self imposed rules. I am not allowed to watch tv or use a computer without being gagged and cuffed. My fans know that if I email them back, that email was written in gag and handcuffs at least! It’s pretty exciting! I also try to do most household chores in restraints, because that is really the only way to actually do them. Doing the dishes is just too boring, and I would never do it if I couldn’t make it somehow a little bit more exciting!

The rigid spreader bar!

BL518 | Posted by Gina on 15 October 2016

I have tried this thing a few times already, and I love it so much!! I wish I owned one, but they are too expensive. But I got to borrow it again for a few days, so I really wanted to spend a lot of time in this device! I just love how I really can not do anything when I am locked in this! It is impossible to escape and I can’t move! I love it love it love it! x

Chastity belt stress

BL517 | Posted by Gina on 08 October 2016

I told Roxanne I was feeling a little stressed. It’s this chastity belt. After my 2 year wearing period in 2008-2010, I swore never to wear a chastity belt again. And all of you (fans) kept asking me, begging me even… until one fan bought me a NeoSteel. Custom made for me. And I couldn’t resist. So now I am locked in the belt again, but I don’t think I will ever break my old record. I’ve only been belted for 3 months and it is very hard. Roxanne (who has one of my keys) always comforts me and gives me massages. Which I really need very badly!! Super stressed at the moment. I hate AND love my belt!

Let’s play darts!

BL516 | Posted by Gina on 01 October 2016

Playing darts is not easy, I’m really bad at this game. But playing darts handcuffed AND leg ironed to a friend is even harder! First of all, we are both right handed, so Roxanne has to throw with her cuffed hand (which is attached to my left wrist). And after every 3 darts, we have to walk to the board TOGETHER (even if it wasn’t my turn) to get the darts. We have to coordinate everything! Very hard, especially since we are already very bad at playing darts. Maybe next time you want to join us in a friendly game?