Gag testing ➖🔴➖

BL777 | Posted by Roxy on 30 April 2022

Inspired by a custom video, I am doing some gag testing today! I’m getting gagged with a series of interesting gags, to see which ones I can handle and which ones are too easy for me. I also get to decide my favorite. I get gagged with: a bit gag, a 43mm red ballgag, and a 52mm red ballgag. Which one do you think I should wear most often?

Nipple sensitizers 😮

BL776 | Posted by Roxy on 23 April 2022

These nipple sensitizers are crazy! Sir saw them and he had to get some to test on me! But as you know, my nipples are already too sensitive! These funny machines suck your nipple out with a vacuum motor, until it touches a rubber tickler. Then it can spin around in many different programs, tickling and stimulating your nipples! It made me giggle at first, but wow my nipples got super sensitive! I can not imagine putting clover clamps on after this treatment! That would be horrifying!

Double decker cage bed 🛏️💤

BL775 | Posted by Roxy on 16 April 2022

I was invited to take a nap in this unique double decker cage bed! It looks so comfy! I was gagged and cuffed, so it was a bit hard to climb in the top one, so I went for the bottom bed first! It’s got a very soft mattress, I could sleep there for days! Then I tried getting into the top one, which was a lot harder! Who would join me in this double cage? It would be fun to have someone to share in my adventures!

Cardio with tongue port gag 🚴‍♀️🤤

BL774 | Posted by Roxy on 09 April 2022

The most terrible gag in history is back! The tongue port gag! If you don’t know what I mean, check out this update! It is a rubber plate that goes deep into your mouth and you immediately start drooling uncontrollably! It is simply a very bad idea! But leave it to Sir to come up with an even worse idea: wearing this gag during my cardio training! Drooling, sweating, it’s just horrible! You have never seen so much drool in your life!

Trying the high heel enforcers 👠👠

BL773 | Posted by Roxy on 02 April 2022

So I am very bad in wearing high heels, and quite wobbly walking in them. I prefer sneakers! But Sir wants me to train in high heels, he says it is part of sub training, like gags, nipple clamps, and chastity belts. He got me these locking high heel enforcers. You can’t take off your heels when you are locked in these! Well, you can but it would seriously hurt and it would be impossible to walk. So you have to wear heels everywhere! Very evil!