Elbow cuffed outside

BL141 | Posted by Gina on 25 July 2009

So you like my summer updates, and you don’t care about me risking to be seen by hikers and bikers. Lol, I love members 🙂 This week I’m very tightly gagged with my favorite gag, collared and elbow cuffed. In a summer dress of course! Maybe the gag was too tight, because when I went for a drink in a restaurant after this shoot, everyone was staring at my marked cheeks 🙂

Metal bondage

BL140 | Posted by Gina on 18 July 2009

I wanted to try a little MetalBondage of my own! After all, I have all the equipment for it. I hope you think I am a nice little metal slave girl! Metal is the best, better than rope or leather!!

Quiet night watching TV

BL139 | Posted by Gina on 11 July 2009

Geeeeez, I was tired last night. And frustrated with my chastity belt :S But there’s not much I can do about that. So I just watched some TV in Humane Restraints. Don’t know what’s so Humane about them, I guess it’s because they are really comfortable… So, do you want to see me tired and frustrated? I know you do 🙂

Triple collared in the forest

BL138 | Posted by Gina on 04 July 2009

Yeaaaaaaaah! Let’s do more forest bondage while the weather is nice! I will show you my latest invention: the triple collar! No, I won’t tell you what it is or how it works, you will have to find out for yourself 🙂 But it looks gooooood, a real summer fashion statement!