Fan gift – neck corset!

BL527 | Posted by Gina on 17 December 2016

A fan sent me this neck corset! Thank you very much! I never heard of a neck corset before, but I think it is pretty interesting! I tried it on and it is really restricting movement. I think it could be great combined with a ballgag and maybe a locking collar over the neck corset, so you can not take it off (nor the ballgag). That would be ultimately cool! It also looks very good I think, I could definitely wear this outside in the winter!

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  1. I’d love to see that combination outside! It’s getting cold out there now — think maybe we’ll get to see that in an update soon..?

  2. Sounds very interesting. What about adding a monoclove under your coat and putting the sleeves of the coat in the pockets?
    Roxanne could then guide you on a leash

  3. Looks great on you 😉

  4. You are looking very sexy in this combination, Gina. And a nice idea to go outside. Roxanne can gag you at home, add the neck corset and metal collar and handcuff you on the back under your coat. And then walking through the city 🙂

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