Super heavy scaffolding cuffs

BL568 | Posted by Gina on 30 September 2017

Me and Roxanne found TWO ways to restrain ourselves in heavy scaffolding cuffs. I am shackled in the well-known clamps attached to a short pipe, and Roxanne actually has her wrists locked in the pipe connectors! This is very interesting! It is also VERY heavy, but it is a good workout. We try to move around and discover the differences between our restraints, before we attempt to escape from them. Very nice and sturdy restraints, I love them!

Trash bag bondage in bed!

BL567 | Posted by Gina on 23 September 2017

Some people just KEEP asking for another trash bag bondage update! Ok, so here we go (finally): a new one! I got taped into a trash bag, with my belt and bra still visible! It’s kind of exciting to wriggle around like this, a little bit exposed but still secure. I don’t think trash bag bondage is actually secure enough for me, I prefer handcuffs and metal. But it is fun to experiment and it was quite hard to get out of it!

Bone harness gag!

BL566 | Posted by Gina on 16 September 2017

I love all of the stuff you keep sending me! A bone harness gag?! That is a bit strange, but then I saw it was pink and I was in love! Pink!!! I love pink gags. I thought it would be a little bit too big but it fit me very well once I tightened all the straps. I am fully gag trained (with ballgags though), so I can wear this for a full day if I have to. Maybe I would need a little break to eat or drink something, but this gag is super comfortable! It’s a bit drooly, but I guess you don’t mind that 😉

Self cuffing in bed

BL565 | Posted by Gina on 09 September 2017

I love cuffing myself to the bed spread eagle style (gagged of course). It just feels so helpless. I’m glad I’m always protected by my belt, so I don’t feel too vulnerable, but it is fun to fantasize about someone coming into my bedroom with the chastity belt key. Well, Roxanne has all the keys so that’s not going to happen, but you know what I mean. It’s a nice position, and I can spend hours like this. I even slept like this (not gagged though) a few times. Do you like this position? Did you ever get tied or cuffed to your bed like this?
Warning: this update will show you how to cuff and gag yourself. It will NOT show you how to get out (because you can’t). So please don’t die, thank you 🙂

A new pink straitjacket!

BL564 | Posted by Gina on 02 September 2017

I have a new straitjacket! It is pink (although in the pictures it probably looks more like a dark pink or red). It feels very nice. They only had 1 size, so as usual it is a little too big but if you strap it tight then it works fine! Watch me test this jacket for you! I have a special deal with the manufacturer, and I can get a lot more of them. Who is interested in getting one? I can get you one for only 60 euro (normal price around 99 euro!!), brand new of course! You will love it, it is soft and comfortable!