I’m a cow!🐄 🍼

BL842 | Posted by Roxy on 29 July 2023

I love role play! I dressed up in my little cow outfit, and Sir immediately got out the milking machine for me. LOL, I really felt like a cow now! Being milked continuously is very exciting, and it makes my nipples very sensitive. It’s a great feeling!! Moooo!

Trying out Sure Lock 🔒🙌

BL841 | Posted by Roxy on 22 July 2023

This is a thing from the USA, a Sure Lock restraint belt! It’s very expensive I think, and I am not sure if I am actually allowed to have one. But somehow I got one anyway πŸ˜‰ The best thing is that it all locks using normal handcuff keys. And the guard can pull on the straps to shorten your cuffs, it is very limiting! And there’s even handles on the back for steering the prisoner around the prison complex. I love it!

Penis gag blindfolded hogtie 🍆🙈

BL840 | Posted by Roxy on 15 July 2023

A custom request! I love to do custom videos for people! This script required me to be hogtied, penis gagged, and blindfolded. Then I had to try to escape. Or, if I couldn’t do that, remove my heels at least. But it was very hard to do! I really loved struggling and wriggling in this tight hogtie. I hope I can do more soon!

Chained to the ceiling ⛓️😶

BL839 | Posted by Roxy on 08 July 2023

How long could you stay like this? Gagged and cuffed and chained to the ceiling by your collar? It is very hard! Don’t worry, I asked for this myself hahaha. Of course, I did regret it already after 10 seconds, but Sir let me stand there for a very long time. It is so strange. Nothing you can do!! I would like to do a challenge with someone else, see who can last the longest!

Toe cuffs hogtie 👣😲

BL838 | Posted by Roxy on 01 July 2023

Well, who would have known such tiny cuffs can be so restrictive! I was playing with thumb cuffs and of course I know that some people also use them on their toes. Next thing I knew, Sir cuffed my left big toe to my right thumb, and my right big toe to my left thumb! This was weird! There was absolutely no way I could move. It was so strange! Have you ever tried this? The keys were on the floor, but there was no way I could get to the keys. I was really stuck!