Armbag escape challenge with Kerry👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

BL820 | Posted by Roxy on 25 February 2023

A little competition with my friend Kerry from Scotland! We are both strapped in leather armbags and gagged with huge 2 inch ballgags. Will we be able to escape? Or maybe we should actually help each other? I love matching bondage! Even our collars are matching! Bondage is fun, but bondage with friends is soooo much more fun!

Tied with Segufix 😊🏥

BL819 | Posted by Roxy on 18 February 2023

This white stuff is called Segufix. It is very soft and comfortable, but it also secure, because it can be locked. Without a magnet, you are helpless! Sir restrained my wrists to my waist and my elbows behind me. It was so tight but also very comfortable. I was confused! I kept telling Sir how much I liked it, so he eventually had to gag me to stop my rambling. I guess he likes me better when I am gagged 🤣

Black leather cuffs 🖤

BL818 | Posted by Roxy on 11 February 2023

I like black! Some years ago, I would wear only black all the time, my goth phase perhaps 😀 But I still like black a lot, especially black leather. And long black gloves too! Such a nice combination, and inescapable when I am in wrist and elbow cuffs! A nice black gag too! I want to spend a whole day like this!

Why I didn’t become a cop 👮‍♀️🔒

BL817 | Posted by Roxy on 04 February 2023

I briefly did the education for enforcement here in the Netherlands, and I had to get myself this nice uniform to get into the school. But after a few months I already quit, because it was a little too boring for me. The handcuff classes were the best thing! Maybe I loved that a little bit too much, we did so many escape challenges in class!! Imagine if I actually became a cop, I wouldn’t be able to stop playing with my cuffs! That would probably be bad.