A quiet reading afternoon

BL382 | Posted by Gina on 08 March 2014

Aaah this is my perfect afternoon! A ballgag I can not remove, my small fiddle, and a magazine! This is truly a quiet afternoon! I wish there was some kind of reading club for girls in ballgags! I would join that! Is there anyone out there who would like to read with me, wearing a ballgag? Maybe we can organise a meeting of ballgag lovers, but since we can’t talk, we could read or use or phones or go for a walk! That would be great! But you can only join if you are fully gag trained (4 hours should be no problem) and only if you like tight gags!

Diving fetish

BL381 | Posted by Gina on 01 March 2014

I’ve been asked to do a diving fetish update, so here we go! I’m in a tight neoprene diving suit wearing a snorkel mask. A leather prisoner belt is around my waist, with my handcuffs attached to it, and my ankles are shackled in leg irons! I have to try to escape but I am not allowed to take off the mask. This means the mask will fog up in a matter of seconds, making it very hard to see anything at all! In fact, I couldn’t see anything, it is like a blindfold! There was also quite a lot of drool everywhere, and the suit is very sweaty! I loved it!

Thigh high boots

BL380 | Posted by Gina on 22 February 2014

Member request! A fan sent me thigh high platform boots and white rope! He wanted to see me tied up in the rope, wearing the boots (obviously). Well, here I am! I love these boots, they make a tiny Gina very tall! The rope is a bit thick I think, but it works nicely, and I couldn’t escape from the chair (well, at least I got one rope off. Do you like these boots? I think they would look good in leg irons! Any other suggestions? πŸ˜€

Straitjacket and leg irons

BL379 | Posted by Gina on 15 February 2014

I love a few good hours in a straitjacket! Most straitjacket sessions can be over 4 hours, because it is not hurting me, actually it is pretty comfortable! Leg irons, of course, and then just roll around and struggle for a bit! I can actually be in a straitjacket for a loooong time, but only when the tv is on, otherwise I will be very bored. I just wished there was a job that would require me to be in a straitjacket all day! It’s so cozy and safe!

Heavy hogcuff

BL378 | Posted by Gina on 08 February 2014

You said that you miss the times when I used to cuff my elbows in the heavy weight Clejuso number 15 handcuffs! And you are right! I used to do that all the time 5 or 6 years ago! You don’t see that often on the internet, a girl with heavy Clejusos on her elbows! So here is my version of a heavy Clejuso hogcuff! It uses two pairs of the beasts, weighing over 3 kilos on my arms, and a pair of leg irons so I can not get up! It is impossible to escape, I don’t even try, because even if I can unlock the wrist cuffs, I will never be able to unlock my own elbows!!! Do you want some heavy Clejusos for yourself? I can get you a good deal πŸ˜‰

My rule for using my phone

BL377 | Posted by Gina on 01 February 2014

As you all know by now, I have my own rules for watching TV and using the internet. I have to be gagged AND restrained. This is a self imposed rule, and I have done this for over 6 years. Most of you have chatted with me, emailed me, or written me on FetLife, and the answers you got were all sent when I was gagged and cuffed. Nowadays, with my smart phone, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain this rule. I can not quickly check my messages or emails when I am in public. I have to wait until I get home, gag myself, cuff myself, and then look at my phone. It is becoming very hard, but I have been doing okay so far!! Do you have your own little rules? Let me know!

Latex armbinder

BL376 | Posted by Gina on 25 January 2014

You really are crazy about my latex armbinder, aren’t you!! I got so many requests for it, that I just have to wear it again! From the front, it looks scary, like I don’t have arms!! Do you like my new bra? I don’t think it really goes with the armbinder, but that’s okay, I’m not going out like this anyway… Maybe I should do that one day πŸ˜€ But now it’s too cold for things like that… just enjoy me wriggling around in creaking latex. I still smell the rubber on my arms, even after showering!!

Metal hogcuff with suspended elbows

BL375 | Posted by Gina on 18 January 2014

Something a little more serious this time! I love this position so much! I can not move at all! I am in my bikini, hogcuffed on the floor, elbows are cuffed and pulled up by a ceiling chain! Great stuff! I really wanted to be in this for a long time! This is the true bound life! It is strange, I like doing extreme stuff but I also like reading a magazine in my fiddle when ballgagged, it is two different worlds, but I like both!

Heavy cage self bondage

BL374 | Posted by Gina on 11 January 2014

Wow, I found this shoot on my computer, it is from 2009!! That’s old! It is from the time I wore my chastity belt permanently (except to clean and shave once every 2 weeks). I had some self bondage fun with a cage that was used in a MetalBondage.com production! Watch me discover the cage, get inside, padlock the door, and handcuff myself to the upper corners of the cage. I thought it was clever, since I was still holding the key to the door padlock, but once I handcuffed myself I couldn’t reach the door, of course. Lol, yes that was silly!
I also found another old shoot with this cage that I did for MetalBondage.com but they didn’t want to publish it anymore since the resolution is really old school. In that one, I am topless and I am also locking my neck in the cage door! I don’t know if I should publish it here, but maybe I will πŸ˜‰

Wiffle harness ballgag and armbinder

BL373 | Posted by Gina on 04 January 2014

I have a new gag and it is yellow!! Hmm, okay I prefer red gags, but this one is pretty cool because it has a light weight ball with holes! So I can breathe (and drool) a lot easier! The downside? It is rather large for me. But I guess you don’t mind πŸ˜‰ I am strapped into an armbinder so I can not take off the gag, which forced me to train with it for about 45 minutes. As you know, I am fully gag trained and I can wear a ballgag all day long, but please don’t try to gag yourself for hours if your jaws are not used to it! If you want this gag by the way, I can sell it to you (either used or brand new), it is very good for training!

Regular day at the office

BL372 | Posted by Gina on 28 December 2013

I think an office job would be boring! But I am forced to try it, because I am tied to an office chair with ropes for a whole afternoon! I am wearing my business attire of course, normal office clothes like black leather pants, a white latex blouse and high heels. Would you be distracted if I worked in your office? Probably, especially if I was tied to a chair all day. Damn this was boring, I almost fell asleep. I don’t know how people can work at a desk all day!

Jingle ballgags!

BL371 | Posted by Gina on 21 December 2013

Time to decorate the Christmas Tree!! This cute little tree could use some balls and lights, and I thought I would spice it up with all of my ballgags!! Well, almost all of them, because I am wearing a festive one (very tightly) for the occassion. I’m dressed in a Santa girl outfit, with my chastity belt underneath, a metal collar, white platform boots (for sale) and white leather wrist cuffs. It is not easy decorating a tree with your wrists cuffed! Especially the little lights are kind of hard to put on. I want to wish all of my members a very very merry Christmas! Please spend time with your loved ones and give each other some kinky gifts!

Happy prisoner

BL370 | Posted by Gina on 14 December 2013

This is how I spent my day yesterday! It was a request from a member, and I love it!! I had to dress myself in my prison jumpsuit and then add a very specific amount of restraints. Are you ready? Here we go: waist chain with connector chain to leg irons. Extra handcuffs (besides the waist chain ones), thumbcuff, and a neck cuff! This is an insane amount of cuffs for one little prison girl! Are you afraid I will try to get away? I had to walk around in it (with bare feet) for at least 8 hours. That is as long as I can go without using the toilet. This was a great challenge, thank you very much!

Latex and chastity hogtie

BL369 | Posted by Gina on 07 December 2013

I have a lot of latex fans, I think! So this one is especially for you: me in a custom green transparent latex catsuit, with black latex gloves, and high heels. My chastity belt locked over it, and I am put in a classic hogcuff position with a simple pair of handcuffs and leg irons! The latex feels great to struggle around in! It makes my chastity belt a bit tight, but I don’t care, I love tight things! Escaping from a hogcuff with latex gloves turned out to be really hard!!

Belts belts belts!

BL368 | Posted by Gina on 30 November 2013

I love leather belts! Especially with a big shiny red ball on them hahaha! Seriously, this time I tried to get all strapped up in belts, to see if I can still get out! I also love the push up effect on my boobs! Wow, do you see that?! I should wear belts every day, this looks awesome! Are you curious to see if I can get out of this? Just watch the video clip and find out!

Heavy chain walk

BL367 | Posted by Gina on 23 November 2013

By popular request, here is me going outdoors for a walk in heeled knee boots, jeans and a lot of heavy chains! I am locked in my collar, custom wrist cuffs, and a pair of leg irons, all connected by padlocked double chains. Yes, this really is how I like to take walks, believe it or not! And from what I’ve heard, quite a few of you love this as well! It is just a shame you can not do it everywhere, as people tend to stare (or call the police on some occassions). But this time I didn’t encounter anyone, so I could enjoy my chained walk in this wonderful (but windy) autumn time!

Red leather pants and pink armbinder

BL366 | Posted by Gina on 16 November 2013

A fan sent me these red leather pants! They are way too big, but since they were sent to me I will use them in this update anyway πŸ™‚ I am really very small, most people don’t believe it, but it is true. Please keep that in mind when you are sending me things! Click here to see my stats! I am wearing my trusty old pink armbinder, it is nice and soft!! I was selling that one, got some interest, but no one bought it in the end! Maybe I should open a Gina Store page for the things I’m selling…. So anyway, if you are interested to have these pants or this armbinder, just email me, I don’t ask for much! πŸ™‚

Military neck brace and humane restraints

BL365 | Posted by Gina on 09 November 2013

Some medical play!! I like to play with neck braces, I have a few of them! Today I will show you my new neck brace: it is an official US military one! How cool is that! I was afraid it was going to be too big for me, but it is incredibly adjustable, so I made it extra tight!! I am also locked in humane restraints, on my wrists and elbows, but that turned out not to be such a great plan (especially the elbow ones). Need to think that one over again! Anyway, I just love the way a neck brace fixates the head, you can not look to the left or right without having to turn your whole body! It is so much fun!!

Drooling afternoon

BL364 | Posted by Gina on 02 November 2013

Aaaaah a quiet afternoon! Just staying indoors doing some reading… Of course, I am not allowed to read without being restrained and gagged, so here’s my choice for today: my custom built RigidFiddle and a brand new ring gag! That’s right: I have a new ring gag that is much bigger than my harness ring gag. So I could use some training time with this new gag, to get used to it. Ring gags make you drool all over the place, and that can be very annoying when you are trying to read a magazine. All of my books and magazines have drool on them!! But I like that, because I’m a little strange… do you like to read in restraints and gag? Please comment below!

Keyholder services

BL363 | Posted by Gina on 26 October 2013

For almost 6 years now, I have been getting requests to hold keys to male chastity devices. I guess a lot of people would love to feel that I am in control of their chastity, even though I am not dominant! I have worn a chastity belt myself for 2 years straight (from 2008 into 2010), and I still wear it regularly for days or weeks, but I have never been interested in male chastity. I had never even seen a male device in real life! So I decided to order a few and see what they are all about! They seem to be pretty harsh, I feel sorry for you guys! I have quite a few different models, materials, and colors, including CB6000 and CB6000S.
If you want to buy one from me, I will offer a keyholder service with it, and you will even get a free membership to my website! Just email me for prices and conditions, but be warned, I can be pretty strict when it comes to chastity! Read more about it here: keyholding services.