Police Gina!

BL241 | Posted by Gina on 25 June 2011

Here is a funny update: me as a police officer! Can you believe it? It was very interesting, I decided to gag myself tightly in a blue ballgag, to match the uniform. And then I tried the handcuffs that came with the uniform, very nice stuff! Watch out, here comes Bondage Police officer Gina!! LOL!

Spiked posture collar and armbinder

BL240 | Posted by Gina on 18 June 2011

Remember my posture collar with the spike? I decided to try it again, this time wearing my super tight armbinder so I can not reach the spike. It forces me to keep my head up and face forward. Some of you might think this is too extreme, I’m sorry about that, but I like it! And I’m topless too, especially for my dear members! 😉

Harness ball gag and fiddle!

BL239 | Posted by Gina on 11 June 2011

It is hard to be harness ball gagged when you have a cold. I could not breathe through my nose, so I had to find a way to take a breath. Not so easy when you are locked into a very tight fiddle! Guess what? I survived! 🙂 Please watch my video to see how I did it 😉

Gagged in the forest!

BL238 | Posted by Gina on 04 June 2011

Here’s an old shoot I found! It is me gagged with my largest gag in the forest. I am cuffed to a tree and there were people coming towards me! It was very scary, but also exciting at the same time, isn’t that strange? I was so happy that I was wearing my chastity belt, at least that gives me some protection!