What to do on the last day of 2016?

BL529 | Posted by Gina on 31 December 2016

What to do on the last day of 2016? Well, I decided to finally get my revenge on Roxanne! She has been tying me up most of the time and now it is my turn! I know she is not really a sub, but I don’t care, she is going in the rigidspreader and I will ballgag her! The funny thing is, she holds one of the keys to my chastity belt, and I just know she will not even unlock my belt when I try to be dominant… Oh well, I had fun anyway! I wish you all a super New Year’s Eve and see you on the other side!

White strap gags! Christmas time!

BL528 | Posted by Gina on 24 December 2016

A special update for you today!! Because it is almost Christmas! It’s me and my friend Roxanne in straitjackets and white strap ballgags! I love red and white gags, it is so Christmassy! And they are also perfect for nurse play of course! I’m exicted about Xmas! Still wearing my chastity belt, have not been out for a few months now and my body is really getting used to it! I really hope to wear it for a long time, maybe even forever (although I don’t know if that is possible). My three keyholders are really strict, so there is probably no chance of getting out in 2016 anymore. I don’t even notice the belt now, so that is promising for 2017! We wish everyone a merry Christmas!!! Stay locked and gagged!!

Fan gift – neck corset!

BL527 | Posted by Gina on 17 December 2016

A fan sent me this neck corset! Thank you very much! I never heard of a neck corset before, but I think it is pretty interesting! I tried it on and it is really restricting movement. I think it could be great combined with a ballgag and maybe a locking collar over the neck corset, so you can not take it off (nor the ballgag). That would be ultimately cool! It also looks very good I think, I could definitely wear this outside in the winter!

Cuffed to the bed by Roxanne

BL526 | Posted by Gina on 10 December 2016

Inspired by a friend’s website, I really had to try a spread eagle again! And that’s a lot easier now that I have Roxanne, who loves to cuff me and leave me for a few hours! I like being helpless, gagged, and knowing there is no escape because I do not have the keys! This is very dangerous to try when you are alone, so please be safe! I know a lot of you fans are into self bondage! It is fun but be careful!!

Double ballgag!

BL525 | Posted by Gina on 03 December 2016

What would life be like if you were ballgagged to another person, lips to lips, 24/7?! I don’t want to think about it, that would really suck! I love Roxanne but this is going too far, I think! We tried, but we definitely couldn’t stay like this for a long time. We can’t even sleep like this! I can sleep ballgagged after years of training (don’t try that at home), but Roxanne can not, she has only been gagged a few times!! Still, it is pretty hot to be stuck in an eternal kiss!