Taped to the chair

BL254 | Posted by Gina on 24 September 2011

Wow, this pink latex bondage tape is strong stuff! I am taped to a chair in my bikini and I can not even move an inch. Will I be strong enough to escape this stuff or will I be stuck forever? This one is for the members who requested a tape gag πŸ˜‰

A fiddled and gagged walk in the forest

BL253 | Posted by Gina on 17 September 2011

So you seem to love my fiddled and gagged walks! Well, me too! As long as the weather is good, I figured I would do as much outdoor fiddle walks as I can! This time I am wearing my biggest ballgag! Did you know I am offering this lovely gag up for sale? Email me to get a real used Gina gag! It is very comfortable!

Member request: the mouth spreader

BL252 | Posted by Gina on 10 September 2011

A member asked me if I could try the mouth spreader again. The ratchet thing that makes me drool! Anything for my members! Handcuffed and leg ironed, I try the spreader gag again. It is huge for me, but I manage to open it almost all the way in the video!! Very challenging, please try this at home πŸ˜€

Slave training with my new ballet boots

BL251 | Posted by Gina on 03 September 2011

Many of you seem to think that I need slave training. A lot of masters are emailing me, telling me that I am not a proper slave, and that I need to behave differently. I have never had any slave training, so I don’t really know what to do. In this update, I show you my new HOT ballet boots and try some slave positions. How am I doing?