Having a great holiday ☀️ 📙

BL785 | Posted by Roxy on 25 June 2022

Sooo nice to be on holiday!! I got to relax all day, reading my book in the sun. Sir said the only condition was a ball gag and heavy wrist cuffs! Easy! I love gags and cuffs, so that’s no problem. Yes, I know many of you will be warning me for the tan lines my gag and belt will give me, but I don’t really care. It is such a nice day, I wish you all could join me here. Maybe next year I should organize a group holiday for subs? So we can all relax together wearing our gags and cuffs!!

Creepy dungeon 😬⛓️

BL784 | Posted by Roxy on 18 June 2022

I found a creepy dungeon!! It has so many weird things I have never seen. Watch the video, I am looking at all of the things and I don’t even know what they are or what they are used for. Maybe someone can tell me about a few of these items? It was very interesting! I also got chained in the middle of the room. It was very scary. What if I would be left there for a night!? I would be terrified!

Cuffed between olive trees 🌳🔗🌳

BL783 | Posted by Roxy on 11 June 2022

These new super heavy black metal shackles are awesome. You need a padlock to close them, and then another padlock to lock them together, which is quite extreme, three big padlocks!! Yes, I am not in Holland, I am on holiday, as you can see by the olive trees probably. I will let you guess which country I am in! So much fun! I just love exploring countries, even if Sir really never lets me do so without restraints. I barely notice my cuffs usually, but these new heavy ones will take some getting used to!

Medical room exploration 🏥🥼

BL782 | Posted by Roxy on 04 June 2022

I was allowed to explore this creepy medical room all by myself, but I was strapped in a straitjacket first, attached to the ceiling! It was very arousing and exciting to see all the equipment. It is a shame I am always belted and tied up when I see some interesting toys! Why would that be? Seems like I can not be trusted haha. Well, I enjoyed it anyway, and I am still dreaming about this table that spreads your legs! Yum!!