Spread eagle with extra challenge🍆🤪

BL803 | Posted by Roxy on 29 October 2022

I love getting cuffed to the bed! Spread eagle is my favorite, using two pairs of handcuffs and two pairs of ankle cuffs. I have been trained to deal with this position for hours! I can even sleep like this. But this time, there was an extra challenge! A belt around my neck so I can not move at all! This is very hard! Don’t try this at home and certainly not alone!

Handcuffs and watches 👐⌚

BL802 | Posted by Roxy on 22 October 2022

People seem to like my watches, I get so many requests to show them. Some of you have even sent watches to me! I am so happy, I love Michael Kors and Guess watches, the big ones, and I have a lot of them. They look good with handcuffs! I did a lot of custom videos with them, so if you want one, please write me! Even some naughty customs are possible if you like!

Chastity bra! 👙✨

BL801 | Posted by Roxy on 15 October 2022

Well, since everyone was saying I have to get a chastity bra, Sir finally got me one! Pink of course, to match my belt. I don’t know what to think about it. First of all, it is very pretty, so I like that. And it is a very nice feeling to wear it. And Sir can’t clamp my nipples anymore, which is a very positive thing! But it will be very hard to wear this for a long time. It already took me years to get used to a belt, now I have to start all over again. It is hard to move, breathe, and especially sleep in a chastity bra. I guess I have no choice, but it is not going to be easy!

Chain hogcuff 😐🛌🏽

BL800 | Posted by Roxy on 08 October 2022

Just when I got better in escaping from hogcuffs, Sir added another difficulty level! A chain from the ceiling! Now it’s pretty much impossible to roll on my side to get the key. Ok, this is not very funny. Although Sir thought it was hilarious. I think I officially hate this position!

Behind the scenes 🎬 🎥

BL799 | Posted by Roxy on 01 October 2022

What goes on during a photo shoot, some have you have asked! Well, recently I did a shoot for GirlsInCuffs.com, and you can see it by clicking here. Sir put a video camera behind the scenes, so you can enjoy the process of making the pictures of me wearing these cool new handcuffs. Fun fact: I don’t think we were supposed to use or have these cuffs, as they are for Dutch law enforcement only. That was very exciting! It’s better than trying to get arrested if you really want to try these cuffs whahahah