Leather cuffs test

BL298 | Posted by Gina on 28 July 2012

A member sent me a full set of leather cuffs: wrists, upper arms, ankles, and collar. Although they look very nice I immediately spotted a problem: they do not lock. Just buckles! Seriously? That will not hold me for even a few seconds. I need locking things!! So let’s try this, dressed in rubber shorts, chastity belt, leather pants, high heels, and bra: a much requested outfit. Wahahhahha 😀 I love testing stuff!

Heavy pipe and bell gag

BL297 | Posted by Gina on 21 July 2012

This is an interesting challenge! My wrists are clamped to a very heavy metal pipe, using the pipeclamps I have advertised in the past! They can swivel so I have full movement, but the pipe is so heavy that it hurts too much to go really wild. Escape is impossible, it is a very effective spreader bar! Then I get gagged with the most annoying gag ever! It is a metal ballgag with a little bell attached to it! Every move becomes frustrating, because of this stupid jingling sound close to my face! And it is not even Christmas yet!

Vacuum cleaning in Irish 8

BL296 | Posted by Gina on 14 July 2012

Here is some new Gina research: is it possible to vacuum clean in Irish 8 (in front, wrists stacked) and leg irons? Is it? Is it? Well, that is a very good question and there is only one way to find out! By the way, don’t mind my hair today, I did a little experiment with extensions and I ended up looking like Bob Marley. Whahahaha!

Leather clothing day

BL295 | Posted by Gina on 07 July 2012

A popular fan request: here is me in tight leather pants, a leather jacket, knee high boots and metal collar! It is something I would wear daily, so it is not a special thing for me. Then I use my huge pink ballgag to gag myself. Do you think I am ready to go outside like this?