Training rounds

BL658 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 18 January 2020

I have very long legs, which makes it harder to balance myself in high heels. But I really love the tallest heels!! So I have to practice a lot, and Sir likes to see me walk in circles endlessly. He usually cuffs and gags me and tells me to walk in circles. This time, I was even ankle cuffed!! This is very dangerous, do NOT try this at home. Walking in tall heels with ankle cuffs and your hands restrained means you can not catch yourself if you fall. Also, a two inch gag very big for me, which makes it harder to focus on my steps!!

Leather straitjacket

BL657 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 11 January 2020

Wow, this leather straitjacket is nice! It is very comfortable and snug. The only problem is that I can not use my phone. But it’s a nice jacket to watch TV in! Did you know I have to be in bondage AND gagged if I want to watch TV or use a computer? Well, usually I am just in handcuffs and a gag, because it is impossible to type in this straitjacket! But I like this jacket, especially now, in the cold winter, struggling is a lot of fun!

Nipple clamped to the ceiling!

BL656 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 04 January 2020

Nipple clamp training continues! Sir told me to kneel on the floor, and I already knew something painful was going to happen when I saw the chain dangling in front of me! Not nipple clamps again!! To prevent me from standing up, my legs were strapped. After Sir made me apply my nipple clamps, he locked them to the ceiling and pulled the chain tight. He then locked my wrists to the back of my chastity belt, because he knows I will try to take the clamps off as soon as I get the chance. I had to sit very still… VERY still, to avoid pulling on my nipples.

Elbow tied hogtie

BL655 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 28 December 2019

Elbow ties are hard! Sometimes I can last for a while, other times I have to be untied pretty fast. I need more practice. Also, it is of course impossible to escape from an elbow tie, but I always try to undo as many ropes as I can when I am struggling around in a hogtie. I think it is fun to try and escape, even though the last ropes (elbows) can not be untied by me. It’s a great feeling to be this helpless! Yes, that’s a weird thing to say, but I love it!

Merry Christmas!

BL654 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 21 December 2019

My first Christmas update! I know Gina did one every year, so I wanted to do one too! In this video, I am trying on various Xmas outfits. I am also collared in my 1.5kg awesome Swedish Collar. And I found a matching red and white ballgag, and red handcuffs! And to really make it festive, I chain myself to the wall! I am ready for Christmas!! Are you?

Chained and fiddled in the morning

BL653 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 14 December 2019

I was chained and fiddled on this cold but sunny morning! There were so many people outside, I was curious and took a little peek. I am very sure they saw me, but no one said anything. I love being fiddled. It is one of my favorite devices! So simple and so effective! The only disappointing thing is that my collar needs to be taken off to wear the fiddle. Because I love my collar the most of ALL of my gear. It is special, I am sure you will agree.

Nipple clamps with padlock

BL652 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 07 December 2019

Time for nipple clamp training again! This time, I am gagged with my harness gag so I can’t make too much noise. Sir told me to nipple clamp myself, and then hang a padlock from the chain! Every little movement makes the padlock sway, and it hurts a lot! I got a little bit angry, so I may have put my middle finger up at Sir… that will definitely have some consequences soon!

Toe cuffs

BL651 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 30 November 2019

This is interesting: these tiny cuffs are for your toes! Or thumbs, I don’t really know. All I know is that I was very surprised how effective they are. Cuffed with this tiny pair of cuffs on my big toes, I was very limited in my movements. I could barely walk, but I managed to do so at a very very slow pace. Without the key, you are completely helpless in these! That’s amazing for such a small thing!!

Creepy basement self bondage

BL650 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 23 November 2019

In this creepy basement (with yellow lighting), I was told to do some self bondage because a lot of members requested it! I gag myself with a red ballgag, cuff my ankles, and then I cuff my wrists behind, around a pipe. I did not have any keys (I never have), so I was completely stuck. I couldn’t even get off the table. Sir, who was filming, just walked away and left me there for a while! That was scary!

Small cage and position training

BL649 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 16 November 2019

This cage is too small or I am too tall!!! I was really cramped in there, but Sir left me in there for hours. When I finally was left out of the cage, I was supposed to show my position training progress. I think I did rather well, but Sir wants me to (always) train more. I don’t mind position training, as long as he doesn’t put me back in that cage!


BL648 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 09 November 2019

Many of you have requested a shock collar, because you know I have already tried it once (and I hated it). Sir did not have one, but he got one online, and he decided to test it on me. I am absolutely terrified of shocks! They hurt, especially above level 10 (out of 100), but the worst thing is the anticipation. You never know when it is coming. And it is such a strange feeling, hard to describe, a sharp pain but it’s also gone very fast. It made me cry a little, but I was also very proud that I had made it!

Locking harness gag

BL647 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 02 November 2019

Wow, this harness gag is awesome! In this week’s update, you can see me try it on, and lock all of the straps with little padlocks, so I will not be able to remove the gag. I did not have the keys to the little padlocks of course. This harness gag requires 5 padlocks (not sure). It is a great feeling to be locked in a gag you can’t take off! I think Sir wants me to do my gag training in this one. The ball can also be changed (different sizes, or a ring), so I think I will be wearing this a lot in the next few weeks!

Flexibility training

BL646 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 26 October 2019

I can do elbow bondage, but sometimes not for very long. I would like to be able to do really long elbow bondage positions for Sir, and we are training my flexibility (shoulders, arms) to be better and better. This vetwrap stuff is the best if you want to train your elbow bondage, it is comfortable and it doesn’t cut off circulation. My elbows are wrapped all the way together, and I am really helpless! This was so much fun!!

Get ready with me

BL645 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 19 October 2019

I always want to look nice for Sir, so every morning I do my makeup, and I get dressed in pretty lingerie. I think I can still wear nice underwear even though I am belted (I know some people will disagree, but I just love pretty lingerie, if you hadn’t noticed yet). I also love high heels and stockings! This morning, Sir instructed me to wear a huge ballgag (2 inch) as well, but that’s ok, nothing is stopping me from putting on my makeup!

Nipple clamps training self cuffing

BL644 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 12 October 2019

I can not deal with nipple clamps, and I am jealous of girls who can. My nipples are far more sensitive than other girls’ nipples and these clover clamps hurt me so much! Sir wants me to train more with clamps, but I will take them off as soon as I can because it is just too much. Yesterday, Sir told me to nipple clamp myself and then cuff my hands above my head so I wouldn’t be able to take them off! It was horrible, but I did it!

I went to prison

BL643 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 05 October 2019

After seeing all these images from people in the Dutch jail cell from, I wanted to try it myself! I was cuffed in handcuffs with connecting ankle cuffs, and a heavy leather prisoner belt! I was way more excited about being in prison than I probably should have been. But what can I say? I love restraints and limited mobility, so I felt right at home in the locked cell with my rattling chains! I don’t think I want to be in a real prison though, they would take away my high heels!

New gag!

BL642 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 28 September 2019

This new gag I received is very strange. It is a metal gag, and it looks a little bit like the braces I had when I was a teenager. Remember those? This ballgag can be adjusted to push very far into the mouth, making me drool a lot! I think it would be hard to take off with handcuffs on because you need both hands to unscrew it. What do you think? Do you like this gag? What gag do you actually prefer on me? I love to read your comments, so please let me know!

Hogcuffed and blindfolded

BL641 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 21 September 2019

A member request! I love to do member requests, because I like to read what you think about my updates and what you want to see! One of you asked me to get hogcuffed wearing the white blouse I was wearing a few weeks ago. He also wanted a ballgag and a blindfold! Blindfolds (and nipple clamps) are my biggest fears, so it was hard, but also exciting! And of course, I know that if I wriggle and struggle enough, I can slide the blindfold off a little. I bet you hadn’t thought of that, haha :) If you are a member, don’t hesitate to email me what you would like to see next!

Hogcuffed in the sun

BL640 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 14 September 2019

Of course I can hogcuff myself! You keep asking this question, but I can do it quite easily and fast now. Escaping is still hard, even with the key, so I have to wait until someone comes along to rescue me. Especially in this case, because I hogcuffed myself on the sofa after I put the keys on the floor (yes I did). That was a very stupid mistake, and it would have been very painful to get to those keys if Sir had not been around to save me from my silly self bondage predicaments!

Fiddled at home

BL639 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 07 September 2019

Sir wants me to train my escape skills. So I am fiddled and gagged at home, and the key is right there! If I can escape the fiddle, I can also take off the gag because it is not locked! This is very exciting! I wanted to escape this fiddle as fast as I could. I did not expect it to be this hard! Did anyone ever escape from a fiddle? Or was it just an impossible challenge?