Fiddling around with Zoey 🙏🙏

BL885 | Posted by Roxy on 25 May 2024

Me and ZoeyZiptie are trying on fiddles. They are called RigidFiddles, and one is aluminum and one is steel (much heavier). Can you guess which is which? We love to be in these things, it is a real challenge to do anything when you are restricted in a fiddle! Me and Zoey had a lot of fun trying them on! Do you own a fiddle? If not, you definitely should get one!!

Super tight hogtie 😊😊

BL884 | Posted by Roxy on 18 May 2024

Almost time for BoundCon again! I will be tied up a lot in Munich, so I thought I would better practice before I go there! This was a nice strict hogtie with a harness gag and my arms in a chicken wing position. Elbows all the way together of course! Will I see you in Munich? Please comment below if you are going to BoundCon!

Secretly gagged outdoors 😷🏜️

BL883 | Posted by Roxy on 11 May 2024

It is so exciting to do public bondage! I wanted to gag myself outdoors, but there were many people around walking their dogs. My gag is so bright, they can see it from very far. And my chastity bra is incredibly shiny, so it is very hard to do any secret bondage in public. Let me know if you also enjoy secret outdoor bondage, and leave tips in the comments for me! How do you do it? Are you scared?

Self cuffing outdoors! 🙌🏻

BL882 | Posted by Roxy on 04 May 2024

I was walking around our location in Spain and they have this really nice bondage hut outside. It has featured in many videos already, and I was excited to be in this place myself, to see it in real life! I guess I got a little too excited because I cuffed my hands over the beam without thinking too much about it. Let’s hope someone will rescue me! Probably not for a while, everyone loves to see me struggle for a while before releasing me. I should maybe think more before I do these things wahahhaa 😄😄