Bikini prison

BL515 | Posted by Gina on 24 September 2016

This would be my perfect life! In prison, wrists cuffed and ballgag (unable to remove ballgag). Such a dream life! I wish this was possible 24/7! I really need to find a rich guy who can support me (so I don’t have to work) and who can afford a private prison in the basement. I wouldn’t need anything else! Just this life! Please someone do this to me forever!!!!

Still locked

BL514 | Posted by Gina on 17 September 2016

Thanks all for your lovely questions and requests about my NeoSteel chastity belt! I am still locked (all three keys are with Roxanne currently), and it is going very well. I can use the toilet with the belt on. I can sleep, eat, run, drive a car, and go to work. No one seems to notice my belt. But I still need cleaning breaks, so I am allowed to take it off for a good shower and clean once a week, because otherwise infections and irritations might start to develop!!

Double ballgag fun!!

BL513 | Posted by Gina on 10 September 2016

OMG we received a double ballgag! So much fun! It’s basically two ballgags riveted together! So when you are gagged with a friend, you really are very close together! Actually our noses were touching! It is very hard to move, because I didn’t want to hurt Roxanne, and getting up or sitting down requires a lot of coordinating. Which is hard if you can not talk. Remember, only try this if you are VERY good friends!

Sleeping in my chastity belt

BL512 | Posted by Gina on 03 September 2016

A lot of fans have emailed me about my new NeoSteel belt. Yes, I am trying to stay locked (hopefully forever from now on) and no, I don’t have the keys. Roxanne has the keys at the moment. There are 3 keys, she has all of them, but maybe I should only let her have 1 key and distribute the other 2 to other people or places. Male and female fans have asked me how I can sleep in my belt. I do not understand this question. I mean, you just sleep. My belt is a super perfect fit, and it is very comfortable, I can do anything in my belt, including sleeping. Good night!