5 hour challenge

BL346 | Posted by Gina on 29 June 2013

Hmm some fans have great ideas: putting me in this outfit for 5 hours was a big challenge! Spandex catsuit with chastity belt locked over it, wrists locked to the sides of the chastity belt, and a harness muzzle gag! It started out great, I was excited! But… I never know what to do with all this time… I am very helpless, there is nothing I can do. I can not talk, can not touch myself, can not go to the toilet even. I am just waiting for my release, it is so frustrating and still it excites me! After 7 years into this journey I still don’t understand myself! Why do I do this?

Humane hogtie?

BL345 | Posted by Gina on 22 June 2013

When someone tells you about a humane hogtie, you think it would be a nice and soft way to tie me up! But I didn’t know they meant these huge leather hospital restraints (that are apparently ‘humane’), a bunch of chains, and then making it more extreme by pulling me up by a chain that was attached to the ceiling! You call that humane? I am calling the Gina protection services right now! Or at least, I would if I could move at all. I was so helpless that I could barely move!!

Red ropes and huge ballgag

BL344 | Posted by Gina on 15 June 2013

All tied up in beautiful red rope, I wanted to try my huge red ballgag again. I am having a lot of trouble with this 52mm gag, I am only small (see my sizes here), so it stretches my jaws to the max! I am afraid this is one of the last times you will see me try this huge gag, because I was hurting for three days after this shoot! Maybe I need some more training, but how can I train my jaws to open wider? How do other girls train their huge ballgag skills? I can wear my 45mm ballgags without problems for almost a whole day!! Maybe I have to start using my mouth spreader again!


BL343 | Posted by Gina on 08 June 2013

You seem to think that I escape too often! But that is not true, I like being restrained! For the past 6 years, I even have ALWAYS restrained myself when using the computer or watching TV, it is my own rule. Still, you want me to wear even more extreme restraints, like these Tubes! They are professional prison restraints, and the handcuffs go around them, so the poor prisoner can not use her fingers. Even if there is a key, as I found out… My wrists are also connected to a tight waist chain, so there is no chance of escape at all! Members can be so mean… I like it!

A difficult predicament

BL342 | Posted by Gina on 01 June 2013

I am handcuffed to the radiator, my arms spread. I am collared, gagged, and in my chastity belt. My legs are cuffed as well! I can not stand up, and I can not take off my gag. The keys are dropped on the floor right before me, but it will be very hard to do anything! This is tough! I hope someone will rescue me soon, because this old empty building is a little scary! Crazy bikini bondage in public places! Exciting, but I’m always very afraid that someone will show up!