Pink dress and steel elbow tie 👗⛓

BL868 | Posted by Roxy on 27 January 2024

I saw this position on and I really had to try it! It doesn’t look so hard, and I was certain I would be able to escape! It’s just elbow cuffs pulled up to the ceiling with a chain. How hard can it be? Well, it turned out to be very hard, because my arms got tired very quickly. And it was impossible to escape… but you probably guessed that 🤣

Chair strappado 🪑➖🟣➖

BL867 | Posted by Roxy on 20 January 2024

When Sir asked ‘do you like purple?’, of course I said yes! I love purple (after blue it is my favorite color)!! I even love to get tied up in purple and to be gagged with a purple 2-inch gag! No problem for me! But I DO NOT LIKE nipple clamps! Sir is so mean, he knows they hurt me so much. There is nothing I can do though, this was a very strict position. And then he REMOVED THEM without warning!! AAaaaaaaaaaahh mmmhpphfff good thing I was gagged!

Hogcuff fun with ZoeyZiptie ⛓️🤪

BL866 | Posted by Roxy on 13 January 2024

Me and my friend Zoey are going to try hogcuffs and then pull them up with this chain to see who can get the highest! It is a great training for flexibility! But handcuffs are hard and a bit sharp so it is probably better if we try this with leather cuffs. Oh well, we had a lot of fun! Who do you think did it best? Me or Zoey?!!

Locking harness gag🔒🤐

BL865 | Posted by Roxy on 06 January 2024

This is a scary gag but so much fun! It is a locking harness panel gag from Relentless Leather and it has the biggest plug inside. Not a ball, but a plug that is much larger and goes deep inside my mouth. I can’t make a sound at all! Don’t try this at home, because it is very scary when you are alone. It takes a while to unlock so you have to be very comfortable and completely gag trained to attempt to wear this. Good thing I’m VERY gag trained with things that go deep inside my mouth whahaha 🤣