Still locked

BL514 | Posted by Gina on 17 September 2016

Thanks all for your lovely questions and requests about my NeoSteel chastity belt! I am still locked (all three keys are with Roxanne currently), and it is going very well. I can use the toilet with the belt on. I can sleep, eat, run, drive a car, and go to work. No one seems to notice my belt. But I still need cleaning breaks, so I am allowed to take it off for a good shower and clean once a week, because otherwise infections and irritations might start to develop!!

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  1. Gina, I like to see you in your chastity belt

  2. Gina, I’d love to see you wearing latex clothes and your chastity belt

  3. Awesome to see you still in CB and with the collar. But no real restraints? No handcuffs, no legirons, no gag…

  4. Still wearing your heels as well. Nice

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