Army boots and Irish 8

BL468 | Posted by Gina on 31 October 2015

A request!! I finally found leg irons big enough to fit around these big army boots I have! The only problem is, they are Irish 8 ones, so I can not move at all! I do love Irish 8 however, I should maybe go to Ireland one day to find out if their police really use them! Seems rather strict! I love it! My small Irish 8 handcuffs are probably my favorite cuffs in the world, I have spent more time in those than in any other cuffs!

Introducing Roxanne to bondage

BL467 | Posted by Gina on 24 October 2015

My friend Roxanne has know about my bondage preferences for a long time! She is my friend and she will occasionally help me to stay in bondage (watch over me in dangerous situations, or hold the keys to my restraints or chastity belt). She is a dominant person I think. But lately she has been more and more interested in my gear, so I thought it was time to introduce her to a little bondage. What better way to start than a fiddle!! Fiddles are so much fun! And of course she needed to be gagged too. My red harness ballgag looks hot on her!

Straitjacket adventures!

BL466 | Posted by Gina on 17 October 2015

I was visiting an old asylum, but sadly there’s not much left of it. Still, I felt like it was very appropriate to wear a straitjacket and no shoes while I was inside! There was no one there, so why not! Okay, well there were a few people downstairs and there was a guy on the roof of the next building, they could have seen me. Maybe they did, but as usual, no one said anything! I love these white tiles and hard cold floors! I wish I could be in an asylum for a few months, I would love it! I’m already crazy, so why not! Whahaha!

The office wardrobe!

BL465 | Posted by Gina on 10 October 2015

I was visiting Roxanne at the huge office building where she works and I spotted this perfect wardrobe! Needless to say, we went back on another day (in the evening, when almost everyone was gone), and we had some fun with it! It is perfect for being cuffed!! I wish I had a wardrobe like this at home! You can even close the heavy doors! I secretly wish I would have been left there, only to be discovered by office managers the next day!!

Caged in a super heavy collar

BL464 | Posted by Gina on 03 October 2015

I found my 3 kilo collar again! And this time a nut and bolt are locking it, which I can not open with my fingers! But never mind that, look at this awesome cage! It was custom built and once you are locked in, you can not get out without the use of a hex key. There’s no padlock or visible door when it is closed! My head poked through the top and my collar was locked to the cage with heavy chains. This cage is so small, even for me!! I just love metal!