New body suit

BL576 | Posted by Gina on 25 November 2017

Well, one of you sent me this new body suit, thank you so much! It is not latex, I don’t know what it is, but it looks to be one size fits all. Which never works for me because I am very small. So yes, it is a little big, but it feels great! I think it is very sexy and warm, so I could wear it under my clothes in the winter and no one would know! Roxanne was a little jealous, so she tried it on too. She is a little taller, so maybe it will fit her better?

Elbow tie challenge!!

BL575 | Posted by Gina on 18 November 2017

I am getting more and more flexible and so is Roxanne! We have been practicing but elbow ties still are very hard. Our hands go a bit numb so it is very important that we help each other escape fast before our hands fall off! Haha, don’t worry we are fine. Don’t try this at home unless you know what you are doing 😀

Leg irons and leopard leggings

BL574 | Posted by Gina on 11 November 2017

Try to say ‘leopard leggings’ really fast a few times. Okay, now stop it, and just look at this update… 😀 LOL! Me and Roxanne wear leggings. With ankle cuffs. Because fans requested it and we are always listening to what fans are asking! Of course, we love leggings and Roxanne likes leopard prints a lot. So it was a lot of fun to shoot this for you. I think these leggings make our legs and butts look good!

Collar chained straitjacket escape

BL573 | Posted by Gina on 04 November 2017

We are strapped into straitjackets and we have to help each other to escape. But our collars are chained together too, so it is harder to use our mouth or to get behind each other to see the straps! It is very complicated! Will we be able to get out of our straitjackets or will we be stuck forever, chained by the neck? This was so much fun hahaha!!