Keyholder services

BL363 | Posted by Gina on 26 October 2013

For almost 6 years now, I have been getting requests to hold keys to male chastity devices. I guess a lot of people would love to feel that I am in control of their chastity, even though I am not dominant! I have worn a chastity belt myself for 2 years straight (from 2008 into 2010), and I still wear it regularly for days or weeks, but I have never been interested in male chastity. I had never even seen a male device in real life! So I decided to order a few and see what they are all about! They seem to be pretty harsh, I feel sorry for you guys! I have quite a few different models, materials, and colors, including CB6000 and CB6000S.
If you want to buy one from me, I will offer a keyholder service with it, and you will even get a free membership to my website! Just email me for prices and conditions, but be warned, I can be pretty strict when it comes to chastity! Read more about it here: keyholding services.

Handcuff strappado

BL362 | Posted by Gina on 19 October 2013

The requests for a strappado were piling up, so here is one I did this week! My ankles are cuffed in hinged handcuffs, so I can not move much, and the high heels are a pain after a while. I can not take the high heels off, of course, because it will increase the height of the strappado, and that will hurt my shoulders too much. So I am basically forced to stand around like this until someone releases me! I like it! Next time I will maybe add a harness gag to make it easier to keep my head up! 😉

Let’s play darts!

BL361 | Posted by Gina on 12 October 2013

Darts! I am not very good at it, I have to admit. But somehow I’m sure you will like to see me play darts in this update 😉 I am wearing a black spandex catsuit with a lot of metal locked on top of it, one of my most beloved outfits to wear under street clothes! Especially now it’s getting colder outside, I can start wearing hidden bondage again! Anyway, I am a little too small for darts, I think. Maybe next time I should wear heels to get an advantage. Are you any good at darts? Or do you just like to see me walk around in my catsuit and chastity belt?

Red leather and black latex

BL360 | Posted by Gina on 05 October 2013

So you were worried about me not wearing a gag!? No reason to worry about that, I still love wearing super tight ballgags! In fact, many of you know that I HAVE to be gagged and cuffed when watching TV or using the computer (I am gagged as I write this bit in handcuffs). In this great picture and video set, I was in my black latex shorts with my chastity belt ON TOP! Then the super tight small latex armbinder, and a tight ballgag! Some new red leather ankle cuffs and a collar too! This was great, I could not move much, and I could not say anything. That’s how I like it!!