At Boundcon with Rachel Adams

BL855 | Posted by Roxy on 28 October 2023

I was so happy last BoundCon in Munich, so many things to do and to see! And there was a very exciting moment when I got to be a model for a video together with the famous Rachel Adams from the USA! We were both in catsuits and she tied me up in red ropes! Rachel can tie very well, she is a pro! She tied my elbows and it was super tight but comfortable. Then I had to try and escape. It was so much fun!! x

Transparent latex fun 👗🧴️

BL854 | Posted by Roxy on 21 October 2023

I received this transparent latex dress and bra from a fan! I couldn’t wait to try them on! I have never worn transparent clothes before. I was told I had to rub myself with lube to make it shiny, and it worked! Do you like transparent clothes? I think it is very revealing, it would not be suitable for going out!

In straitjackets with my friend Zoey 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

BL853 | Posted by Roxy on 14 October 2023

Do you know my friend Zoey from the UK? She is a bondage sub and a very lovely funny friend! We enjoy getting tied up together!! This shoot was amazing, I was spending the afternoon with Zoey in matching straitjackets! So much fun to struggle and wriggle in the padded room! Time for a good chat and getting comfy!!

Super tight hogtie 😊

BL852 | Posted by Roxy on 07 October 2023

Someone told me it’s a rare talent to be able to do super tight elbow bondage. I don’t know, I have always been able to do it. I didn’t even know that not everyone can do this whahahah! I love getting tied up really tight, with my elbows together. This hogtie even pulled my harness gag back! Wow it was tight!!