Armbinder and harness ring gag

BL211 | Posted by Gina on 27 November 2010

I hate harness ring gags. So I guess that’s why many of you want to see me wear one of those. I have not been able to find one that fits me properly. This one is tight, but the straps are over my eyes! To prevent me from removing this stupid drool gag, I am in an armbinder attached to the rear of my chastity belt… Frustrating!

Ballet boots skills!

BL210 | Posted by Gina on 20 November 2010

I have been practising sooo much in my ballet boots. And I have been getting better and better! So I made this video to prove it to you: my ballet boot walking skills are better than ever! You will be impressed by this video, I just know it! 🙂 Don’t look at the pictures, just watch the video, I am sooo proud of myself! I really hope you like it!

Rubber swimming cap and posture collar

BL209 | Posted by Gina on 13 November 2010

Some members are big fans of rubber stuff, and I have quite a few rubber bondage items. But when I got a request to pose in a rubber swimming cap, I could not fulfill it 🙁 Fortunately, a kind member sent me one! And here it is: me in a rubber swimming cap, rubber posture collar and locked gag! It actually looks very good… and tight! Rubber head Gina!! x

Big wooden block stock thing

BL208 | Posted by Gina on 06 November 2010

I received some requests about my big wooden stock block thing… I guess most of you want to see me locked into this heavy block for a few hours. A really hard challenge, because the block is very very heavy. But I’m always up to try anything, so I went to an empty office building and was exploring the premises for about 3 hours! Very nice and strangely exciting… The video is soooo funny 😉