Cuffing myself to the bed 😄🛌🏼🍆

BL755 | Posted by Roxy on 27 November 2021

Many of you have asked me what else I do for Sir. Well, sometimes I like to gag myself and then cuff myself to the bed before he comes in. I love spreadeagles so much! It’s not hard to do, watch the video and find out how I do it. There is absolutely no escape, so be careful if you are alone! Get a bed with metal bars if you don’t have one. You won’t regret it!! 😃

Purple strappado 🟣💜

BL754 | Posted by Roxy on 20 November 2021

I love purple! Look at this cute purple rope! I asked Sir if I can be tied up in it, and of course he had to make it a bit extreme again! A strappado! I’m terrible at standing in heels, so I had to really focus on my balance. I was also gagged with a 2 inch purple gag, which made me question my love for purple after a while. Which color rope and gag do you prefer?

Transparent harness muzzle gag! 🔴

BL753 | Posted by Roxy on 13 November 2021

I have this new transparent harness gag! It’s very funny! Unfortunately, it’s not completely invisible (that would be cool), but it is great to wear. You can see what’s going on behind the muzzle, which is a red shiny ball in my mouth and my lips pressed against the panel. Of course, it steams up a lot so it is a bit foggy, but that’s part of the fun! Very awesome gag and definitely one I will wear more often for my training!

Pet training with mitts 🐶🧤

BL752 | Posted by Roxy on 06 November 2021

Wow, this was really hard! I was being trained to walk on my knees (with frogtie straps) and my hands were in mitts. So helpless! It is pretty hard to walk around like this. I wanted to say woof a few times, but I was gagged LOOOOL. Does anyone have experience with this kind of training? It is a lot of fun, but I am not good at it yet. I guess that means I need more training!