My Christmas wish came true! 🤶🎄⛓️

BL759 | Posted by Roxy on 25 December 2021

I have been begging Sir for another visit to the jail! It is such a cool feeling to be locked up! I finally got my wish this week when I was transported to the prison again, to get locked up in the cell for almost an entire day! I requested DOUBLE handcuffs and DOUBLE ankle cuffs for extra security. Everything was connected to my waist belt, so it was very restricting! Sir thinks I am crazy, but I love spending time in prison! If I didn’t have this cell to go to, I would probably commit a crime just to get locked up. Although that would probably not be good, because in a regular prison you don’t get to wear restraints inside.
Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you got all you wished for! Lock up your loved ones and stay safe! xx

Inspired escape challenge🔗⛓️

BL758 | Posted by Roxy on 18 December 2021

A custom client inspired me to do this escape challenge. I was collared and chained to the floor, in a hogcuff. The key was right next to me and I was supposed to escape. Well, you know I am very bad at escaping. I still can’t figure out where the keyholes are or which way to turn the key. It’s all very hard when your neck is stuck to the floor! But I tried my best! Check the video to see if I escaped!

Blindfolded nipple clamps training 😟

BL757 | Posted by Roxy on 11 December 2021

Thanks to some members, Sir now wants to do much more nipple clamps training! Thanks a lot, guys!! You know I hate it! I was stuck in the padded cell in a straitjacket and a harness gag, so there wasn’t much I could do about it. I didn’t want to struggle too much because it hurts a lot when I move. These clamps are so evil! Then Sir blindfolded me and it all got very intense! With no sight, I could only focus on my painful nipples. It was terrible!

No horse riding for me 👩🐴

BL756 | Posted by Roxy on 04 December 2021

Of course! Just when I am ready to go to my horse, Sir decides he wants to try Irish 8 cuffs again! Now he even found ankle cuffs in this style! Which means I can’t walk at all, it is so restrictive! Irish 8 are probably the worst cuffs, holding wrists and ankles so close together. It is very hard, can’t move much!! I wanted to protest but Sir gagged me with a horse bit gag. Very funny!!!! Geez.