Neck cuffed to Zoey! 🔗😄😍

BL889 | Posted by Roxy on 22 June 2024

My friend Zoey came over to have some fun and we both love these neck cuffs so much!! They are connected so they are perfect for 2 girls. We got them from if you are looking for a pair. We were both gagged with 2 inch ballgags and cuffed with Irish8 handcuffs. I love Zoey so much, she is adorable! She is coming over soon again, let me know if you want us to film a custom video for you!!

Escape challenge on the bed 🛏️ 🔐

BL888 | Posted by Roxy on 15 June 2024

I was handcuffed to one side of the bed and the key was on the other side! It was a very tricky escape challenge, because I could have dropped the key at any moment. This is always a bit scary! Have you ever been stuck when trying to do an escape challenge? I would love to hear your stories, please comment or email me 😀

Going outside in an armbag 🎒😄🌳

BL887 | Posted by Roxy on 08 June 2024

The armbag (or box tie armbinder) is a lot of fun and very comfortable to wear! We had the idea to put my coat over it and go outside. I don’t think anyone will notice! What do you think? Have you done any hidden bondage in public? Were you discovered? Was it exciting? Please comment!!

Nipple clamps challenge 🗜️🗜️

BL886 | Posted by Roxy on 01 June 2024

So FoToRo made me do this nipple clamps challenge. It looks a bit complicated but basically I had to hang all padlocks from the ceiling, grabbing them from the floor. The problem was that one of the padlocks was attached to my nipple clamps, which made moving very painful. He always comes up with strange things like this! What did I do to deserve this?! 😂