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BL523 | Posted by Gina on 19 November 2016

It is really getting more and more tough to be in the chastity belt. I am barely getting through the day sometimes, a girl has needs too!! Maybe it was easier years ago, but I think I may be too horny at the moment. The belt is often completely wet on the inside, and I have to take a shower to clean it. It is a lot of work! I am getting more and more stressed. Roxanne is one of my 3 keyholders, and she sometimes gives me a massage, but I think I am about to give up! Do you think I should give up?

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  1. You cant give up, sometimes its tough but thats part of being of being in chastity

  2. Stay belted. No turning back. I don’t see why you’re butt plugged, though. I wish I could share in your stress and be belted, too.

  3. I think you should set some goals / milestones and be rewarded for reaching these. That makes wearing the belt more enjoyable.

  4. I hope your keyholders stay strong enough not to listen to your complaints and don’t let you out so easily. Too bad it’s only one lock and each of the three keys would unlock you. But maybe if you behave good enough Roxanne would spoil you once with a vibrating egg inside your shield that can be remote controlled as she likes. We all would like to see you begging her for a climax.

  5. If it’s not fun, it’s not fun, maybe try changing the deal to being locked 6 days a week so you have something frequent to look forward to.

  6. Stay belted. Don’t give up. It is the frustration that makes it so great.

  7. Well, I was just thinking to become a member again! Gina, I’d say, you should have 30 Minutes to yourself, UNBELTED, and then, lock yourself up again for at least 30 days, WITH the chastity bra now! (No bra, no fun!)
    Have fun and stay well!! hugs, E.

  8. Could add some kind of voting system for members: Let Gina get some relief, tease Gina, or Do nothing. Then whatever community decides on that week happens.

  9. Gina, I may also add if you quit wearing the chastity belt, your members will cancel and you’ll lose money. Your chastity belt is your paycheck.

  10. How do you get 3 keyholders….???? I’m looking but still have found 0 keyholders…..any tips?

  11. Spend one week double plugged and then give it up. a girl deserves to have an orgasm once in a while. It would be different if you were saving yourself for a master. but you don’t have a master right ?

  12. Sorry Gina, no pleasure for you. Stay locked like a good girl.

  13. The stories of permanent chastity are usually only applicable in fiction stories (usually but not always though). However, I think you should set a goal in say, 3 months from now, that – under specific conditions you will meet – Roxanne or any of your other keyholders will release you for the whole day, then lock you back for another say, 6 months. It’s the pleasure acquired in the end that makes the long wait and frustration worthwhile!

    P.S. I liked the small detail in this photo set, Roxanne’s handcuffs!

  14. I don’t think you should give up, but I do think that you should be released sometimes. Maybe once every 1-2 months you could get a day out of the belt.

    For me a chastity belt is not about staying chaste all the time. It’s about not being in control. You can have an orgasm sometimes, but you don’t decide when.

  15. I dont think you should give up, much of chastity is in the mind and if you could control that aspect \i’m sure you can continue. By the by, does Roxanne offer a keyholding srvice ?

  16. Obviously you should not give up, but it’s reasonable for you to get relief. I would suggest a 30 minute, supervised period when the belt is taken off. You should not be allowed to touch yourself, of course, and it’s best if your hands are chained far apart from your body. You can ask your supervisor, perhaps roxanne, to give you relief, but without the use of any mechanical tools. Hands and mouth only.

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