Layers of latex and steel

BL341 | Posted by Gina on 25 May 2013

Do you ever wonder what girls are wearing underneath their thick winter clothes? They look so innocent passing you in the streets, but I will show you what is actually underneath! It seems a lot of my fans are into layering, and so am I! I sometimes go out in a rubber catsuit, my chastity belt locked over it, and my collar of course. It is so nice to walk around in the shopping mall, no one knows what I am wearing under my track suit! The only problem is… I can’t go to the toilet like this whahahaha

Two collars and a neck cuff

BL340 | Posted by Gina on 18 May 2013

Sometimes you just feel like you need a heavy collaring! Don’t you? I do! I tried locking two collars and a neck cuff onto my neck, but because I am not so tall, it is quite a lot for poor little me! I had a hard time breathing and I had to keep my chin up! Also, it was quite heavy on my neck. To make things worse, I was in such a hurry to lock them on that I did not even look where the keys were, so I had to search for half an hour to find them!! Not easy when you can not look down or turn your head!

Strange bra and cuffs harness

BL339 | Posted by Gina on 11 May 2013

Hmmm a fan sent me this strange looking bra and cuffs harness! I am not sure how it is supposed to work, but after a long time trying and a lot of patience I managed to get it on! I don’t think I was supposed to put it on myself. The harness has ropes so that if you pull on your cuffs the bra gets tighter. At least, that is the idea I think. But it does not really work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Nice cuffs though…

Cold evening in chains

BL338 | Posted by Gina on 04 May 2013

What to do when the heating stops working!? It is still too cold in the evenings to be indoors without any heating! So I grabbed my electric heater and sat very close to it, reading a magazine! Unfortunately the heater did not work very well! Grrrr! I love warm weather, when is the summer finally going to be here?! I want to shoot your requests outdoors! Well, this is basically me at home every night: shackled (beautiful old style cuffs and collar!), and gagged (except for when I want a sip of my drink). You may think it is strange, but I think being restrained gives me a lot of peace.