Armbinder wars!

BL489 | Posted by Gina on 26 March 2016

Yes! Armbinder wars rule! Strap us both in an armbinder (or straitjacket) and we will go wild! We will not help each other to escape, we will just try to annoy each other as much as possible! Bumping into each other, trying to trip the other, it is a real fight! We are both ballgagged too! I actually love how ballgags look on my friend Roxanne! So beautiful!! But I am still determined to win this armbinder war!

New gag and pants

BL488 | Posted by Gina on 19 March 2016

I feel so spoiled! Fans keep sending me things! This week even two things, it is like Xmas here! These tight blue pants are very nice, thank you. They are really to my taste, I love tight shiny pants that look like leggings. Make my butt look good! The big ballgag is also new. I don’t know why they call this a medical ballgag, maybe just because it is red and white? The ball is bigger than my usual, but that is good because I need training! The strap is always way too long so I will cut it, that will look much better! I hope you are having a beautiful Saturday wherever you are, and thank you for sending all this stuff!

Cuffed and hogtied

BL487 | Posted by Gina on 12 March 2016

I think this is what they call hogcuffed, but I just call it hogtied with cuffs! I love it because it is fast and easy and I can do it to myself! Try it at home, it is not hard, you can find a tutorial on (she is awesome). I have even slept like this. Yes, that is possible, but don’t start your experiments by doing this for a whole night! Try to build it up for a few hours at the time! Wriggle around, but make sure you have comfortable cuffs that don’t dig in! Don’t use toy cuffs!

Locking high heel cuffs?

BL486 | Posted by Gina on 05 March 2016

You will never guess what I have received from a fan!! Locking high heel cuffs!! This makes any pair of heels locking! I mean, you can lock any pair of heels to your feet, and you will never be able to take them off without a key! It is amazing! I did not even know these exist! It is basically a few leather straps and a padlock, how clever! This means I will be forced to wear high heels until someone decides I can take them off! Great for training!