Roped outside!

BL228 | Posted by Gina on 26 March 2011

The weather is getting nice again! Finally I can do some outdoors bondage! This week I was tied to a tree, I remember loving this from when I was young, playing with the neighbourhood kids! I bet you have similar memories! 😉

RigidSpreader escape?

BL227 | Posted by Gina on 19 March 2011

Today I will try the RigidSpreader again. Last time I told you it was inescapable, but you (my dear fans) have writtten me that is not true. So I will try it again. Will I escape from this evil device bondage? Or will I be stuck forever… in my white socks… LOL 😉

Chair escape?

BL226 | Posted by Gina on 12 March 2011

These days I see a lot of chair escapes on the internet, so I tried to do one myself. I chained myself to a chair and handcuffed myself. An incredible face splitting tight ballgag was applied and I started this fun challenge. The only problem is… I still can not open my handcuffs when the keyholes are on the wrong side 🙁 Why can everyone do it except me??

Rubber armbinder fun

BL225 | Posted by Gina on 05 March 2011

The smell of this rubber armbinder is very…. rubbery. It smells like wearing a huge condom on my arms. But it is the best armbinder I have, because it was custom made to fit little me! Apparently I was having too much fun (again), so I was tightly gagged to stop me from smiling… but that can’t stop me from having fun 😉