Self cuffing in public

BL350 | Posted by Gina on 27 July 2013

Exciting! Did you ever try self cuffing in public? I was near a lake, and I had given myself the challenge of cuffing myself in front, and then behind the back. But because of the beautiful weather, there were hikers everywhere (as you can see in the video)! They must have seen me, because my handcuffs and collar were glistening in the bright sun! Were you hiking over there? If so, why didn’t you stop to say hi? I would love to meet a fan when I am outdoors doing my challenges! Don’t be shy!

Red latex

BL349 | Posted by Gina on 20 July 2013

Me in a red latex Chinese dress and my custom made small latex armbinder! I think that is a beautiful combination! And from the front, you can not even see I am in a tight armbinder! This stuff is sweaty though, and being in an armbinder is hard work on the shoulders, so it made me very hot and my arms were dripping wet. I think a lot of fans love to see me in this outfit, maybe even at a party or out in the street! Especially since I am wearing high heels! I must admit, I don’t wear heels often enough, I am a little out of practice…

Four neck cuffs

BL348 | Posted by Gina on 13 July 2013

A member request! So you want me to lock myself into four neck cuffs? No problem! Excuse my mood, I was laughing a lot in the pictures and video, but next time I will try to be more serious. I guess I was happy to do this member request! The weight of four neck cuffs feels pretty good actually, although closing them is a little scary. I’m always afraid that I close them too fast, then they will be really tight and that could be dangerous! Don’t worry though, I am a professional, don’t try this at home (if you have four neck cuffs that is). Happy weekend!!

The forbidden garden

BL347 | Posted by Gina on 06 July 2013

Summer!! I found a secret garden that is actually forbidden to go into, so I went in anyway LOL! 😀 There were all kinds of rare and protected plants, and a guy spraying them with poison, which is pretty strange! Oh well, he did not send me away, so I had a chance to look around and flash my chastity belt to the camera. That’s very hard when there’s people around! I don’t know how they do it at, but I finally got some great pictures and a video for you, my dearest fans! Check it out and enjoy the summer!