Measuring assignment

BL315 | Posted by Gina on 24 November 2012

A fan asked me to measure my green latex suit, so he could send me something new to wear in a future update. You know I love assignments, and you probably also know that I always do all of them in bondage (at least a ballgag and handcuffs). I am used to it, for the last 6 years I have always been gagged and cuffed when I do something like watching TV or using the computer. No one told me to, but I like it anyway. Do you do this too? Who else is always gagged and cuffed when they are on the computer, watching TV or even doing laundry? Please let me know I am not alone!

Chained to the wall

BL314 | Posted by Gina on 17 November 2012

Oh no, I am chained to the wall! My arms are spread, my legs are spread by a spreader bar, I am collared and gagged! I love this position because there is no escape. I can not reach my gag, and I can not defend myself. What would you do if you found me in this position? I really would love to hear some of your evil thoughts!

Latex everywhere

BL313 | Posted by Gina on 10 November 2012

This one is for the latex lovers! I am dressed in a black latex top, shorts, and gloves. I am locked in my metal collar, of course. And the big member request: a latex hood! I have this special latex lubrication stuff, which I rub all over myself, and then I gag myself with a huge black latex strap ballgag. It is a lot of black latex! I hope you will like this, I love the feeling of this stuff!

3 pairs of heavy handcuffs

BL312 | Posted by Gina on 03 November 2012

One pair of these handcuffs weighs in at about 1,5 kilograms! And I am locking myself into THREE pairs! It is so heavy for me (I am a small girl) that it starts to hurt real fast. After lifting my arms for a few times, my muscles got so tired I could not lift them again. It is a good workout! I was so tired I could not even turn the key to free myself, and I had to ask for help to get unlocked!