Trashbag bondage

BL429 | Posted by Gina on 31 January 2015

A popular request! I tried it already once before, remember this one? I could get out pretty easily, so it is time to try it again, this time with better tape, more bags, and more tape wraps! First, my arms get trash bagged and taped, with my wrists taped together, creating a trash bag armbinder! Then it is extended to form a dress, and finally I have to lie down as my feet are wrapped as well! Will I be able to escape this time? I don’t think so!

A very long afternoon in cuffs

BL428 | Posted by Gina on 24 January 2015

I have this chair which is perfect for cuffing. It just needs two pairs of handcuffs and two pairs of leg irons and I can sit there for as long as I like. Or for as long as someone else likes… if I am not holding the key. This time, the key was in my lap, so I thought it would be a short session, but I dropped it after only a few seconds!! There was no way for me to reach the key, I could grab it with my toes, but I could not get my toes to my hands!! I knew I was in for a loooooong afternoon in cuffs…

Harness ring gagged again!!

BL427 | Posted by Gina on 17 January 2015

Finally!! I hadn’t been harness ring gagged for over a year! Really! It was just gathering dust, no requests for it, and I kind of forgot about this great gag! Is is such a nice feeling to wear a harness gag! And a ring gag… well I don’t have to tell you: it makes you drool! It is a harness drool gag! Isn’t that the best?! I was once known for wearing harness gags all the time! I want to start wearing them more often again! Oh, and I’m tightly cuffed with hinged cuffs on elbows and wrists. But that’s nothing new 🙂

Hogcuffed and bit gagged

BL426 | Posted by Gina on 10 January 2015

Here is a member request! I’m hogcuffed in hinged cuffs and leg irons… but that was not the request! The request was me dressed in tight black leggings and black boots! I’m also bit gagged, which is not really my favorite gag, but it is fun to do something different once in a while! I like struggling and rolling around helplessly! If you are a member, don’t forget to send in your requests!! If you are not a member, shame on you, go here immediately!! 😀

Taped fingers

BL425 | Posted by Gina on 03 January 2015

Here is a new form of bondage I recently discovered!! Taped fingers! Just use electrical tape to tape all of your fingers together and it get’s a LOT harder to use a key. Or pick up a key even. Not that I ever have escaped from these Irish 8s, but you can never be sure!! Will the tape be strong enough? Or will I be able to free my poor little fingers?