Pink fiddle and pink gag! 🙌🔐💗

BL772 | Posted by Roxy on 26 March 2022

I love pink! Look at this cute pink fiddle! I think it suits me better than a steel one, don’t you think? And a pink ballgag is also awesome. The problem is, even though these items are pink, they are still real bondage things. Which of course means I am trapped (again), without any hope of escape. And without being able to protest about my situation. It looks so cute, but it’s actually just frustrating bondage! Pink is nice though, I wonder if there are any pink chastity belts?

Isolation timeout ⌛😷

BL771 | Posted by Roxy on 19 March 2022

I guess I can be a brat sometimes! Sir likes to give me a timeout now and then when I go too far. This one was pretty comfy, so I didn’t mind! At least this timeout didn’t have nipple clamps! It was a padded room, a straitjacket, and some medical tape. At first I was very happy in my small cozy room, but I have to say… it is really annoying after an hour or so! I don’t even know how long I was in there, I lost track of all time!

Swedish Collar ✨😊

BL770 | Posted by Roxy on 12 March 2022

I finally got the chance to try a Swedish Collar! They are actually from Sweden I think 😀 This collar is very heavy, weighing 1.5 kilograms!! It’s also scary if you don’t know how it works. Will it ever open again? It has a magnet key but I wasn’t really sure how it worked. See me try this super exclusive collar for the first time! It’s amazing!!

Super tight leather armbinder! 😮

BL769 | Posted by Roxy on 05 March 2022

Wow, this armbinder is the best one I have tried so far! It is small, so it will be super tight! I love it! My elbows are pulled all the way together in this thing, and there is no way I can get out! Really exciting and also a very big challenge! I just love crazy tight bondage challenges like this!