Selfie time!

BL522 | Posted by Gina on 12 November 2016

The fan who sent me this custom made NeoSteel belt has asked me to take a lot of selfies regularly, to prove I’m still wearing it. Well here is a collection of those selfies and even a few pictures of me going shopping in the belt. I am locked into this belt 24/7. There are 3 keys, all held by different persons. They help me every day to take my daily break (only 1 break per day for toilet – big one / number 2 – and shower). I can pee in the belt and even showering will be no problem soon, I am really getting used to it! Actually I feel VERY weird if I am out of the belt. I will try to break my old record of 2008-2010: no touching myself, no orgasms for over 2 years! I can do it!

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  1. Gina, I like your style and I hope that you find yourself a MASTER can control you and your keys.

  2. Your fan should gift you a matching NeoSteel collar as well (:

  3. Hoi Gina,

    Knap dat je het al weer zo’n tijd vol houdt !!
    Hoop dat het lukt om door te zetten en je record te verbreken.

    Succes 🙂

  4. Gina, you look elegant and sexy in the belt. I believe you were born to be belted. Your fans sentence you to a life sentence in a belt with no possibility of parole. If you want a husband, he should enforce this sentence, too.

  5. Is it difficult to use the restroom in the NeoSteel that you have? I have never seen anyone wear on of those. Have you and your fan talked about changing the back band out for something else? What is that ergo model like?

  6. curious, are you getting teased at all to build some sexual frustration up?

  7. No collar outdoors?

  8. That’s my Gina how I like her 😉

  9. I love the selfies! I would actually really love to see more of this kind of update — I’ve always loved this site for the bit of everyday life in bondage, but I would love to see daily check-ins for the duration of your self-imposed chastity challenge. Maybe doing a regular outfit of the day post, showing how well it hides the belt / collar?

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