Totally helpless in chain hogtie

BL333 | Posted by Gina on 30 March 2013

Hmmm, now this is a good one! Some members requested me in my bikini, so I thought I’d do a nice hogtie for them. But this chain hogtie was very severe! The chain is locked to my harness ballgag so I can not move at all! The collar and the gag are digging in because I have to keep my head up. I could not even move an inch, let alone get to the keys there were placed in front of me! What a position, I actually love it 🙂 For about an hour, that is, I could not do it much longer.

Double collar, double handcuffs, spreader bar

BL332 | Posted by Gina on 23 March 2013

Yes! This is a great position for me! I am locked in two collars, a long spreader bar and two pairs of handcuffs! It is great because I like to find out what tasks I can still do in this position! I even tried sleeping like this, but it did not really work, because I was not tired. Maybe I got too excited because of the nice bondage… I can never sleep very well in bondage, I always wake up because I am too excited to sleep whaahaha!

PVC pants and latex armbinder

BL331 | Posted by Gina on 16 March 2013

Ooooo, I love shiny stuff! My black leggings are the best! They are PVC, or maybe patent, or whatever it is called… it’s shiny!! I am wearing it for you, plus high heels, plus a posture collar, and of course my trusty chastity belt, so no one can touch me. I am restrained in my custom made super small latex armbinder, it hurts my shoulders after a while, but I quite like that feeling! This is a great outfit for a fetish party, don’t you think? It would be kind of hard to drink something, but I could probably use a straw!

A strange room

BL330 | Posted by Gina on 09 March 2013

Today I am exploring this strange room I found. I love exploring empty buildings and old ruins, but only when I am in cuffs and shackles!! This time I am in tight arm bondage, with hinged cuffs on my elbows and wrists. And leg irons of course! It is a lot more fun to explore when you are chained up! The room has crazy machinery, and some interesting bondage opportunities! Maybe I will come back here to do a strappado set, with gag and high heels!

Ballet boots

BL329 | Posted by Gina on 02 March 2013

A popular request: to see my progress in ballet boots! I have been training in ballet boots for over 6 years now, and yes, I have gotten quite good at it. I can walk in them. Even if my legs are cuffed. I can do other things, like clean and cook, and I have even slept in ballet boots. But still, I need to keep practising often to maintain my skills. It is fun to do, and I know there are some fans out there who like it when I post a ballet boots update, so this one is for you!