New dress – a fan gift 😍👗

BL794 | Posted by Roxy on 27 August 2022

I love it when you send me things! This time, I got a new dress from a fan. I couldn’t wait to try it on. So I opened the package on camera and put it on. I wasn’t really sure how it was supposed to go at first, but when I figured it out, it turned out to be a very revealing dress! There’s no back? I see what you are trying to do here! Very cheeky!
Oh, and it also came with a pair of panties, but you know I don’t wear underwear… for obvious reasons πŸ™‚

Trying to get out of these 🔑🔜

BL793 | Posted by Roxy on 20 August 2022

These new cuffs are the same type as Sir often uses on my elbows. That’s really hard and I can not get out of elbow cuffs. But these ones are smaller and are meant for my wrists. Surely I can get out of these?! First I tried it in front, then stacked, and then behind the back. But it was harder than I imagined! I wasn’t going to give up any time soon! Sir was very amused… grrrr… stupid cuffs.

Crank gag? 😲🤣💦

BL792 | Posted by Roxy on 13 August 2022

It’s a ballgag. With a crank. And turning it makes the ball go deeper into your mouth. What will they think of next!! Seriously, how do I get myself in these situations! This is actually not an easy gag, as it goes deeper and deeper, my mouth got opened further, making lots of drool come out! And when it went even deeper, I started gagging! This crazy invention is something else!

Armbindered in prison🔒

BL791 | Posted by Roxy on 06 August 2022

Back at my favorite place: the prison cell! Whenever Sir takes me there, I am the happiest! I get to spend all day in restraints, locked in the cell, it is so relaxing! This time, I was strapped in an armbinder! Can you believe it! An armbinder in prison πŸ™‚ And a ballgag too of course! Really, it is so good, you should try it. You can book a stay on, I can only recommend it! I am not a guard there, but if you ask for me during your stay, I will come visit you!