Handcuffed snowball throwing

BL276 | Posted by Gina on 25 February 2012

Hard to imagine, but two weeks ago we had snow here in Holland! Snow? Yes, the fine white stuff that falls from the sky and is super fun to play with! So I went outside, tight handcuffs around my gloves. Haha, I could not even take my gloves off, they were locked onto me, that was cool! I tried to throw some snowballs, but it is pretty hard with your hands cuffed. I wrote ‘GINA’ in the snow in giant letters and I got a lot of interest from a guy driving a snow plow on the road nearby. Haha! It’s a shame the snow is already gone 🙂

Wooden fiddle

BL275 | Posted by Gina on 18 February 2012

Remember my wooden fiddle? To be honest, the wrist holes were a little too big for me. But now I found a solution, just add a pair of handcuffs! Let’s see if I can escape it now, wearing a tight ballgag of course! I look like a medieval witch in this huge heavy thing! I like it, I wish I lived in the Middle Ages… 🙂

Layering: latex, chastity, and pvc

BL274 | Posted by Gina on 11 February 2012

Here is an update for a very special member: it is something I could wear outside and it has no visible bondage! I am wearing three layers of fetish: tight latex underwear and my chastity belt with pvc stretch leggings on top! It is the perfect protection against many things, especially cold and guys. LOL. Locking high heels are also part of the outfit. I have so many new clothes now! When the cold is over, I hope to be able to do some outside updates with all my new latex and leather clothing!

Purple batgirl

BL273 | Posted by Gina on 04 February 2012

I am wearing my purple evening dress and high heels. So it looks like I will be having a nice evening out, a dinner, or dancing perhaps… But no, of course I got distracted and ended up trying on some bondage gear again. This time I am restrained in a very strange batgirl cloak thing. It is a little too big for me maybe, but I like it! I try to struggle and roll around in this leather bondage gear, and it is a lot of fun indeed! And please tell me you appreciate that I matched my gag color to my dress! I know… it’s a female thing…