Locked in chains and boots

BL420 | Posted by Gina on 29 November 2014

A black and white update! As requested, I am wearing these awesome white boots that a fan sent me! They are great for partying! But they are even better with some leg irons! I am also locked in a tight waist chain with double handcuffs on each side, and collared, and gagged with a white ballgag. No way I can take out the gag, because my hands are so tightly cuffed to my waist. Then the excess chain on the back is attached to the leg irons, so I can not stand up anymore! Great!!!

Stuck to the radiator

BL419 | Posted by Gina on 22 November 2014

So why does everyone want to see me chained by my neck all of a sudden? 😀 Do you think I’m a doggie? I need training? I don’t need training! I am fully gag trained (jaw), chastity trained (wore a belt from 2008 to 2010), and collared (admittedly not by anyone, just by myself). I can sleep in handcuffs or any other restraints, I can be gagged for longer than anyone I know, and I have been in a straitjacket for almost a day! Why does everyone think I need more training! Are you just being mean?

Opera gloves

BL418 | Posted by Gina on 15 November 2014

Long black gloves are awesome if you want to go out to a fancy club or restaurant! I have a new pair now, they are super soft and very long! I love to wear them with leather cuffs, because that looks so great! I am cuffed behind my back and there is a large latex ballgag in my mouth, but you will have to come up with something better than this, because I can always escape! I can reach my mouth even with my hands cuffed behind my back, so this gag is not going to stay in for long!! Wahahahhaa!!

Clothes washing time

BL417 | Posted by Gina on 08 November 2014

For years, I have made household chores more interesting by doing them in restraints (and gags). Doing laundry is one of the worst tasks, so I love doing that in as many restraints as possible. I am tightly waist chained and cuffed with leather padlocked cuffs. I’m also leg ironed and tightly gagged of course. My attic is a bit of a mess, so it is taking me a lot of time to sort my laundry and to get it in and out of the machines. Oh well, I hope I will make someone a perfect housewife someday…


BL416 | Posted by Gina on 01 November 2014

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to wear handcuffs and leg irons to a sauna!? Well, it would, but I forgot to take off my bath robe, and it’s impossible to remove it now. This sauna is steaming hot, and my collar and cuffs are getting terribly sweaty. Still, I love a good sauna, it makes me relax and I finally have some time to check my phone and read some magazines! Have you ever worn any restraints to a sauna?