Hogtie escape attempt!

BL707 | Posted by Roxy on 26 December 2020

Well, I am not very good at opening the handcuffs by touch (yet). I think I need a lot more practice. It’s always so easy when I see girls escape in those internet videos, but it’s a whole different experience when you have to do it yourself! This is the basic hogcuff, with one pair of ankle cuffs, and one pair of chain handcuffs, and I still couldn’t free myself WITH the key!! Would you have helped me out eventually or would you let me lie there forever?

Christmas Tree bondage position🎄

BL706 | Posted by Roxy on 19 December 2020

Well, it’s going to be a tough Christmas I think! First, I commented to Sir we did not have a tree yet. He said that’s because I was going to be the tree!! I wasn’t sure what that meant, but later that day I found myself chained in a christmas tree bondage position! This might look easy, but it was very very hard for me, I felt like I was going to fall all the time! Keeping my balance in heels is hard, and I was very wobbly and tired soon! And to make everything worse, I have been belted (thanks everyone for requesting this… NOT!! 😧) for the remainder of the year at least! Not a very easy Xmas I would say!! I hope your holidays will be a bit more relaxed 😆

Thumbcuff trouble 😄

BL705 | Posted by Roxy on 12 December 2020

I got to try thumbcuffs for the first time and guess what… I got myself stuck. These cute cuffs are actually real restraints. They are not toys. And they are quite easy to unlock with the key if you put them on the right way. Of course, the second time I tried, I wondered what would happen if I put them on backwards. I was very stuck!!!

A RigidFiddle escape challenge

BL704 | Posted by Roxy on 05 December 2020

I have tried this before, but I feel I was tricked. Now is the time to give it one more go: escaping a fiddle! I was gagged tightly and told the gag could only come off if I escape the fiddle. Extra motivation I guess! Well, I tried really hard. There must be some trick to it. And I am going to find out what it is!