Collar spreader bar

BL589 | Posted by Gina on 24 February 2018

A new challenge! Can me and Roxanne survive the collar spreader bar? What can we do besides circle around each other? We can’t reach the locks because we are handcuffed behind our backs. It’s also hard to cooperate because Roxanne has no clue what she is doing and I can’t tell her what to do because we are both gagged! This is really tricky! Do you think we can escape?

Self cuffing and gagging with Roxanne

BL588 | Posted by Gina on 17 February 2018

I invited Roxanne over. She wanted to read some of the magazines on the table, but I told her there was a rule that we can only read when we are cuffed and gagged. It’s not true, I only have that rule for tv and computer, not for reading, but Roxanne did not know that. So she did as she was told. We gagged and cuffed ourselves for a bit of reading. Sometimes I don’t speak the entire truth… but it is much better this way, don’t you agree!?

Elbow tie and Irish 8

BL587 | Posted by Gina on 10 February 2018

I was so proud of myself last time when I got my elbows to touch. Can’t get enough of it now, I keep doing elbow ties all day long! Here is another one, this time with a pair of Irish 8 added. Super tight and inescapable rope, plus Irish 8’s! How can you go wrong! I love this! I am now trying to stay elbow tied for longer and longer, eventually I want to spend an entire day elbow tied! Do you think that will be possible?

Hogtied Friday evening

BL586 | Posted by Gina on 03 February 2018

Yesterday evening, I tried to spend as much time as I could hogtied on the couch. Roxanne put me there and I asked here to leave me for a while. When she came back I couldn’t even guess how long it had been. She said it had been about 3 hours!! There’s no way I believe that, time went by so fast! Maybe I even slept for a while (I gag sleep ballgagged, don’t try that at home). It’s so comfortable to spend some time like this! I am cuffed and gagged so much that I really miss it when I’m not. At work, I can’t be cuffed or gagged (I’m a nurse for elderly people, they wouldn’t understand), although I am belted of course, and often wear my collar. What’s your most comfortable experience?