Marry me

BL294 | Posted by Gina on 30 June 2012

Some members have proposed to me over the years, but not many. So here is an attempt to get more marriage proposals! Would you marry me in this dress, collar and heavy cuffs? I will be a really good wife, slave and sub. Cook and clean, do everything you wish. If you want, I will be shackled, collared and in a chastity belt 24/7. Anyone? I hope to receive a lot of comments! It will make me feel wanted! Click here to comment! Be honest, yes or no?

The pink armbinder

BL293 | Posted by Gina on 23 June 2012

Some time ago, I received a pink armbinder. So I tested it. And it was rubbish 🙂 Too big and too stretchy, so I could easily escape and take out my ballgag. But my collar and chastity belt were locked on and I did not have the keys (until the evening), so that was a bit of a disappointment after my triumph whahahah LOL! Well, I should not laugh. It was a nice armbinder, and I love pink. But I should sell it to someone who is bigger… want to buy it? I will take any offer. Email me!

MetalBondage shoot

BL292 | Posted by Gina on 16 June 2012

I shot these pictures and video for, but I got permission to release them on my own site! They are not going to publish them, so you can only find this update here! I am locked in many interesting metal devices, topless of course, because they shoot only topless! Members can see the pictures and video uncensored of course! It was kind of hard to escape, but I managed to get very far! Sigh, I love their metal stuff 😀

Full body straitjacket

BL291 | Posted by Gina on 09 June 2012

A fan sent me this fantastic piece of bondage gear, it is a kind of straitjacket and straitpants all in one! Very interesting! See how I try this thing out for the first time, I don’t think I can escape it! It is a really funny feeling being restrained from my neck to my ankles!

Zentai secretary

BL290 | Posted by Gina on 02 June 2012

This update is actually quite scary! I wanted to see what I look like dressed up as a zentai secretary. In full pink zentai body suit, chastity belt, waist chain, collar, and suit plus glasses. The result is very strange. But it is really me (as I will prove in the video clip)!!! If you are interested in seeing more zentai, please click here to see all of my zentai updates.