Leather armbinder, catsuit, and ballgag

BL502 | Posted by Gina on 25 June 2016

Fans send me so many lovely things I can not even remember which ones I showed you yet. This catsuit is amazing! It has some interesting openings! Combined with a lot of leather, I think it is very pretty! And I am back at my ballgag training again, so a big ballgag had to be worn as well, to stretch my jaw and get better at wearing big gags. I hope you like this update! x

Inmate Gina

BL501 | Posted by Gina on 18 June 2016

I love the orange jumpsuit! If I lived in America, I would probably try to get myself arrested. It’s stronger than me, I can not help it! I would struggle and wriggle around in my orange jumpsuit all day and every day if I could! What I really need is someone to keep me as a prisoner 24/7. But unfortunately, that is not possible. Still, it is a very good fantasy and I love being an inmate! I hope you like it too! x

RigidFiddle chained to ankle cuffs

BL500 | Posted by Gina on 11 June 2016

I had seen this RigidFiddle ball tie before, I just HAD to try this! If you lock a Fiddle to a pair of ankle cuffs, you will be forced into a ball tie, and it is very hard to escape! I love that thought! It is really a lot harder than it looks (please try this at home, to see what I mean)! Also, this is my 500th update!! Can you believe it!? I am going to celebrate whooooohoooo!!

Irish 8 hogtie

BL499 | Posted by Gina on 04 June 2016

This one was actually requested by a fan a long time ago! I did not really think it was possible, but then I realized I could run a chain through the Irish 8 handcuffs and ankle cuffs! It like a rigid bondage style with a chain in between. It gives me a little wriggle room but not much, because my wrists and ankles are so tightly cuffed! Very interesting! Thanks for the suggestion! x