Tired from ballet boots practice

BL437 | Posted by Gina on 28 March 2015

New leather pants!! They are a little flared so they are great to wear over boots! The pants are slightly too long so I figured if I wear ballet boots they are just fine! Haha, well I need to practise anyway, I usually practise a few times a week, but haven’t walked in ballets for a few weeks now. So here we go! Oh, and I gag myself of course, for the duration of the practise. It’s mandatory.

Hogcuffed in lots of cuffs!

BL436 | Posted by Gina on 21 March 2015

I really love doing this website! I have done this for so many years, and the main reason is all the lovely feedback and requests! But in the first place, I’m doing this website for me, because I love bondage and I love people looking at pictures of me in bondage! This is NOT a request update, it is something that I really love to do! Being cuffed in many many cuffs until I can barely move! This one is for myself… but you can watch of course 😉

Horse rider in harness gag

BL435 | Posted by Gina on 14 March 2015

Yeaaaaaaah a fan request! You know who you are! I should have posted this a long time ago, since the request was made a long time ago, but here you go: you wanted to see me in a harness ballgag and riding outfit, including helmet and boots! No problem, I still love horse riding and I have my own horse! Yes, it is the same fan who requested this many many years ago! I hope I can do an update in the stables again in the future, but there are always people around nowadays, so that is hard. I hope you like this update! I know someone will! 😉

Getting dressed

BL434 | Posted by Gina on 07 March 2015

Remember my shower update? Well, when I am locked in my chastity belt (not always, but I can be in it for weeks and then let myself out again for weeks) and my collar (almost always), it is a little harder sometimes to pick the right clothes to wear. But before that, I have to make sure I am completely dry, which is also a little harder when you are in a chastity belt. It is important to get rid of any water under the belt because that will cause irritated skin! Do you think I should get a chastity bra by the way? Some fans have suggested it.
This is a (rare) topless update, members only!!!